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Unable to execute files on subst'd drives

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    Hi. I'm totally new to Windows 8, but I'm having the exact same problem:
    I use lots of portable apps, and I use PowerPro to launch them, and I keep all of that in an encrypted TrueCrypt file container.
    So I mount the TrueCrypt volume, and let's say I mount it on X:, then I run
    subst B: X:\ (don't forget the \ or it won't work)
    And then I can configure tons of things (including PowerPro) just using absolute paths. (Come on! Nobody has a 5 1/4'' floppy anyway!). I also use other substs for similar reasons.
    That's been working like that for me for ages in Windows 2000, XP, and 7. Now I'm getting the same problem than WinAte: some programs will launch without a problem from PowerPro, others will give the "The specified path does not exist. Check the path and try again." error.

    I found what seems to be an important clue, and a workaround:
    the subst command (just subst, with no params, to list the substituted drives) when issued from a normal CMD will show something different than from an admin command prompt. So now, I check it in both command prompts and make sure that both have all my substs, and then everything works.

    I believe that that UAC thing is related. Can any of you point me to a good explanation of it (Something more technical than Wikipedia)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Change the following registry key:
    Magic! That seems to have done the job - I've tried it on all 3 of my PCs, and I can now run the executables on subst'd drives that I could not run before.

    Rich - thank you very much for all your help, and for trying out my problem on your PC.

    Like Wences above, I'd love to understand why some executables work while others don't, but at least I can now get on with configuring my new desktop.
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    Has to be due to the security "improvements" in Windows 8

    I had a similar problem with Object Rexx, a programming language from IBM. Once I got to Windows 8, it would not run correctly until I completely disabled UAC with the registry hack.
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Unable to execute files on subst'd drives
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