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Can I transfer 2 RAID 1 mirrors from Windows 7 to Win8.1

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    The easiest way to do this is real simple. Break the mirror on the Windows 7 system, and you will two hard disks with the exact same data. Install one of these hard drives into the Windows 8.1 System and have your data at your fingertips and to make sure every thing is working as you want it too. When the Windows 8.1 System is up and running and performing the way you want it too, then and only then would I install the second drive and re-mirror the two drives. That is what I would do...and I would have a backup somewhere else in case you know what hits the fan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    I really do not know who those people are. Anyone that asks about a RAID, know what they are using it for.
    In my experience a substantial percentage, if not the majority, know very little of what RAID is.
    based on threads on this forum and a few others about the topic ,i agree with this statement
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    I'm back....

    Busy babysitting my 6 grandkids so sorry I haven't had the time to get back to this thread

    I have been using my RAID mirrors for about 3 years. 2 2Tb and 1 1.5Tb mirrors. During that time 2 X 2Tb drives have died and 1 X 1.5Tb. I am VERY happy with the resiliency and, yes, the backup facility of the mirrors.

    I am buying a new desktop and I want to know if I can just unplug my mirrors off my old Gigabyte MB with Windows 7 to my new Asus MB with, hopefully, Windows 8.1. I am aware the Windows are different and the motherboards are different. I just asked and hope I can?

    I am getting an i7 4771 which I understand to be in short supply so I may have to wait a while. My 1.5Tb mirror is degraded. I suspect the SATA port is dead or dieing as it not longer recognises a disc being plugged in. So it is time for a new system

    If (and when) I get this new system I WILL create a test RAID mirror on my old system and move it across to the new system and see how that goes.

    I just wanted to know in advance if it could be done?

    I don't want to argue the point but my mirrors have served me magnificently for backup. When the mirrors degraded I just replaced the bad drives and the mirrors rebuilt themselves. What more can I ask for?

    I accept it might be a bit slower and my data MAY not survive a virus attack but neither would duplicate drives or backed up data, unless the backups were disconnected and stored in a safe?

    I am going to build 4Tb mirrors (assuming I can????) as my 2Tb mirrors are full.

    I am hoping to unplug and replug my mirror from the old system to the new system and then copy everything off the old mirror to the new bigger mirror then clear the old mirror and use it for something else.

    If the mirror can not be transported then I will have to copy the data (much more slowly) from the old system to the new system through the network. 2Tb is going to take a long long time copying over the network

    Then I will have to do the same with the other 2Tb mirror. I have already copied the small mirror to 2 external USB3.0 HDDs.

    I could ONLY have 3 mirrors on my old system so I had other "synced" drives. I am a retired Analyst/Programmer and I have experienced data loss before, personnally and professionally. Before I retired I worked on a Unix system with mirrors. Now THAT leaves Windows mirrors for dead. We used to "split" the mirrors carry on using one split while the other split was backed up (twice a day). Then remerged the mirrors and they automatically re-synced.

    I hear what people say about mirrors but they have served me well, I'm glad to say.

    Thanks for all your responses but I assume nobody has done what I hope to do?
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    I see a couple of posts about breaking the mirror? I haven't looked into this but I don't see the option to "break" the mirror in the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" program. Is this only available in the "CTRL/I" option?

    I have done all my mirror work through IRST never through the "CTRL/I" in the bootup

    Obviously something I'm going to have to look at in the near future

    Thanks for that....
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    To answer my own question for anyone (like me) who wants to know....

    Object - a 2Tb RAID 1 Mirror

    Source system

    Windows 7 64 bit Pro
    Gigabyte P55A-UD7 motherboard

    Destination system

    Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro
    Asus Deluxe Dual motherboard

    Unplugged off the source, plugged into the destination, switched on....

    Copied 1.77Tb 6575 files from the 2Tb mirror to a 4Tb mirror - PERFECT.

    So, you can move a RAID mirror from one system under W7 to another system under W8.1
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Can I transfer 2 RAID 1 mirrors from Windows 7 to Win8.1
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