I wanted to share some initial findings for a clean install of the Customer Preview as well as gradually update information on the "What wills" and "What won'ts" as far as programs, drivers, etc. This will include a few surprizes as well it appears!

For the first thing not expected to work didn't being the VPC 7 and XP Mode for 7. The typical not compatible with message was too obvious when seen. But the XP Mode is running on W8 CP! with a little help from the VMLite Workstation for XP Mode that is.

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For those running dual monitors you may have already found out that Display Fusion or UltraMon runs into problems especially not seeing the Smart Bar work as it should if it goes on at all. DisplayFusion refused since NetFramework 2.0 was a requirement for the existing paid for version here. The latest version of DisplayDusion does support the W8 Customer Preview however.

UltraMon has a problem with a pair of registry items for the maximize and move windows over to other monitor button seen on any open windows. The Smart bar there also fails with the latest version even! Once the value is set from 1 to 0 UltraMon will remain running and see the icon in the system tray present.

A few of the old Legacy title pc games never seem to go away however! Besides some of those 7 or 8yr. old Steam titles try a much older 98-XP title like Return to CastleWolfenstein as one. Another still to be examined would be Soldier of Fortune.

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For device drivers the old ATI Catalyst 4 went right on along with some 7 beta drivers by Creative for the sound card! Most will find the compatibility is still seen to a degree with many things but not all with drivers as well as softwares.