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Which version of 8.1 do you think is best?

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    I knew I should have checked windows update first rather than get it through the windows store. That's on me. I apologize for my first comments about hating Windows 8. Being new to the OS I jumped right in thinking it was just like 7 regarding installations and updates. I should have taken into account the differences. I do have one question. Is there a way to bring back msconfig? I'm having difficulty navigating the new style they instituted and I have programs I'd much rather shut off and not have running upon starting windows. Thank you for your help and I apologize that this is off subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyrelogan View Post
    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Where would I find direct links and also would I be able to uninstall 8.1 and reinstall via direct link and would it interrupt or disrupt the programs I already have installed? Thank you for your help.
    don't know of a direct link yet for the general public, and yes it will affect the programs you have install now if you uninstall 8.1
    as for you msconfig ,I don't think you will find a way to have the old one but whats so hard about the new way ,
    just do alt+ctrl+del and open taskmanager ,click on the startup tab ,good luck
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    I just liked the simplicity of the original way to do it. Yes I can do it the way you told me but with the other way I can uncheck each program. With this new way I think I have to right click and disable or something, I haven't really played with it. The old adage "if it ain't broke..." comes to mind.
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    Windows key and r and type msconfig. Bear in mind,, if you want to use disable programs in startup, you have to use task manager.
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    Oooooh! Thank you, Jesusfan! I got my msconfig back
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    Awww just clicked on startup and it wants me to use the new version of msconfig. "If it ain't broke..."
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    I suppose, but we have to adapt to change. Also it;s quicker via task manager.

    Try this if you want

    How to restore the good old Task Manager in Windows 8 | Winaero
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    Nah, I'll just use the one that is included. It is easy enough. Thank you for your help
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Which version of 8.1 do you think is best?
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