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Complicated fresh reinstall of 8.1, Help!

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    Complicated fresh reinstall of 8.1, Help!

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 that I just bought used, the machine is only a year old in great shape the guy never used it. It came preloaded with 8, the previous owner swapped out the old HD with better higher RPM HD. He then loaded 8.1 and updated the Drivers. However he also he named the machine his name. I want to use this machine for business and would like to reformat the drive and reload win 8.1 on it. I've looked up the product key and verified it. It really didn't come with anything loaded on it, so I'm not concerned with saving anything. How would I go about doing this. I've done searches to see if I this has happened before but can't seem to find a similar scenario and how it was solved. Thanks

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    Hey mate,

    You can rename the computer: PC Name - Change in Windows 8
    If you would still like to clean install (often recommended with used computers), see this tutorial: Clean Install - Windows 8 - ensure you read it completely to get all suggestions and warnings before beginning. It covers everything. If you still need help, let us know!
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    It's really old school, and maybe it's been forgotten, but.....

    Whenever I've gotten a computer from someone and I want to make it mine.....

    First I go into 'Users' in the control panel and I create a new user, with Admin privileges, but NO password.
    Then I reboot the PC and log in to my new user account. Then I can go back to 'Users' and delete the old user.
    That will also take out all the personal folders for that old user.

    That's a quick and easy way to clean out an old user and not mess with the original OS or the Drivers for the PC.
    Drivers are getting more and more hard to find, without having to pay for them.
    I can't tell you, how many hours I've wasted trying to find drivers for an older PC.

    Good Luck,
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    Thanks for the help. Actually I worked with a tech that supports some of the business software I use, and as it turns out we basically did what TechnoMage suggested. I just didn't worry about reformatting the HD. My credentials are squared away and software installs and usage is going fine. I'm going to go back and review the several suggestions I received, because I know they'll come in handy down the road. Thanks, great forum, Al
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Complicated fresh reinstall of 8.1, Help!
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