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limit what programs appear when students log on

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    limit what programs appear when students log on

    Hi, Brink. I'm new to the forum, but I am already a fan of your work. I work at a large school district wherein computers running Win8 are shared by staff and students. How can I create a new account type (i.e. Student) and apply the fix above to limit what programs appear when students log on. I have an image for what the student access will comprise, but I don't want to cut off teachers and principals from their resources.

    Thanks for your time and great posts.
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    Out of interest, is this a not for profit school with 0 resources? I've never heard of an educational system that doesn't have a filtering (cafe type) system implemented. In fact I thought that the Children's Internet Protection Act required it?

    Just curious, Tell Me More

    Microsoft has Applocker. There is an article here about how to use it in windows 8. There are plenty of articles around the net and at Microsoft.

    Link: How To

    What is AppLocker? AppLocker is a feature in Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows 7 that advances the functionality of the Software Restriction Policies feature. AppLocker contains new capabilities and extensions that reduce administrative overhead and help administrators control how users can access and use files, such as executable files, scripts, Windows Installer files, and DLLs. By using AppLocker, you can:

    • Define rules based on file attributes that persist across application updates, such as the publisher name (derived from the digital signature), product name, file name, and file version. You can also create rules based on the file path and hash.
    • Assign a rule to a security group or an individual user.
    • Create exceptions to rules. For example, you can create a rule that allows all users to run all Windows binaries except the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
    • Use audit-only mode to deploy the policy and understand its impact before enforcing it.
    • Create rules on a staging server, test them, export them to your production environment, and then import them into a Group Policy Object.
    • Simplify creating and managing AppLocker rules by using Windows PowerShell cmdlets for AppLocker.

    Link: Source
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    Thanks for the reply, ants. We have sufficient resources for our needs, I suppose. We run pretty robust filtering on the internet, and it works fine. I mostly want to stop teacher-specific software from loading on kids' accounts. I wasn't aware of Applocker, but it sounds like the right place to investigate.
    Thanks for the help. I will let you know how it works.
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    You can do GPO, and all machines have to be running the Pro or Enterprise edition of Windows. For the Domain Controller, you can either use a Linux Server project like ClearOS, which will charge you. But less then what Microsoft Small Business Server will for licenses.

    There are other Linux Server projects, but they do have a learning curve. I would use the locks for the USB ports that you do not want to be used, and also use a locking mechanism to lock the keyboard and mouse onto the workstation.

    They also have lock plates to keep users from using the DVD drives, which you can also lock out in the GPO.

    What are you using for Filtering, and network equipment? The biggest thing is that even if the teacher tried to load say something from their email, you would need a way to make sure that the teacher did not pull an oops and upload something that should stay at home or on their own personal phone.

    This day and age, it is getting really harder to keep on top of everything, due to it changes day to day.

    If you want to make this a group project of a group of us in this forum helping you look for ways to make sure you are securing everything, or wanting to run across what GPO stuff that you need. I say go ahead and post those details.

    Give us an idea of the Network infrastructure, server software, if this is a domain, what you are using as the domain controller, etc.. Also Google has a Corporate version of Chrome. But I think Firefox would be better, due to you can fine tune what users can and cannot do with it (ie download attachments from webmail, download anything period).
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limit what programs appear when students log on
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