Hi guys,

I have an ASRock z77 Extreme6 motherboard. I am trying to connect four hard drives, and partition and install Windows 8 x64. The drives I will be using are Samsung Evo 250gb, OCZ Vertex 4 128gb, OCZ Solid 3 60gb, and a Hitachi 750gb spinner. I would like to use the Samsung as the C:\ drive, Vertex 4 as the D:\ drive, Solid 3 as the E:\ drive, and the Hitachi as the F:\ drive. Well, at least have the drives in that order. So, I connected the Samsung and the Vertex 4 to the Intel SATA 3 ports which are the second set of grey SATA ports. Then, I have the OCZ Solid 3 and the Hitachi spinner connected to the first set of grey SATA 3 ports. When I went to install Windows 8 the partitions were listed in the fallowing order.
Hitachi spinner
OCZ Solid 3
OCZ Vertex 4
Samsung EVO
In the manual for the motherboard it says to make sure the boot drives are connected to the Intel SATA 3 ports. Which I did. I used the Samsung and the Vertex 4. I then went down to the Samsung and partitioned it in UEFI format. Next I partitioned the Vertex 4. Then, the Solid 3 and the Hitachi. I highlighted the Samsung drive and clicked install. Once in Windows the Samsung was my C:\ drive but the other drives where out of order. Therefore, I went into disk management and assigned the drives the drive letters I wanted them to have. Therefore, the drives are now in the order I wanted them in that I listed above. I find it pretty weird that if the Intel SATA 3 ports are suppose to be used for your boot devices why are they not the first SATA 3 ports on the motherboard? That way when you install the drives they will be in the correct order. What I am trying to figure out is did I handle this situation correctly? Will I run into any issues by doing this, and is this how I should of done it?

Thank you,