Well, I think it's a called a hard freeze. Anyhow. My problem is so:
Sometimes my PC will randomly lock up and freeze. It's happened on various occasions, and in each instance, the only thing that I had open consistently was my browser (Version 35.0.1897.2 dev-m). But I don't really think it's the fault of the browser since the entire OS sinks down and I haven't seen any Chromium reports on the matter.

To describe the freeze... the system just stops and IF I am playing audio when it happens, it will create that loud looping noise. I haven't been able to pin down any other peculiarities with this freeze.

As for what I've tried doing ...
I've discovered that sfc /scannow gives me "Windows Resource Protection could not start repair service."
And that chkdsk /scan gives me "A snapshot error occurred while scanning this drive. Run an offline scan and fix."

Windows doesn't detect it's an irregular crash because it doesn't give me that pop up when I get to my desktop after a hard reset. According to event viewer, it just detects the kernel losing power probably because I forced a reset.

It happens every now and then, but I just noticed it might be getting more frequent. I don't really remember what I've changed, but I've tried re-installing audio and GFX Drivers with a clean wipe (DriverSweeper) and a bunch of CCleaner.

So I figured that before I get a little hasty and mess around too much, I thought I'd ask for some help. Thanks in advanced!

EDIT: Also, to my knowledge, it doesn't freeze if I leave my computer on idle. I leave my system on all the time. And it's something that's been happening to me in alarming frequency in the past week.