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Crashes (no BSOD) on 8.1 Pro, seems random

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    Crashes (no BSOD) on 8.1 Pro, seems random

    I've been on Windows 8 for a little over a year (never had a single crash/BSOD) and upgraded to 8.1 about 3 months ago. Just a couple weeks ago I started receiving some seemingly random crashes. I'm not getting a BSOD. Every time it happens the mouse cursor will start acting sporadically (very unresponsive) and soon as that happens it's too late. The computer won't register mouse clicks or keyboard input at all, after about 10-20 seconds the cursor becomes completely unresponsive and I have to force the power down. It seems as though Windows is not getting a chance to even create a memory dump file but I guess I could be wrong about this.

    It seems to happen at random times (maybe after a few hours of problem free use). Otherwise I haven't noticed any irregularities at all. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Here are some screens from the eventviewer from the last crash. Not sure exactly what these mean.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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Crashes (no BSOD) on 8.1 Pro, seems random
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