Thanks. Well, the first point you wrote is what I have right now. It's really usefull, EXCEPT when you have to save it.

For example, I'm in a C: sub-sub-sub-sub-folder, let's say "C/ProgramSett/Wind/Syst32/Icons/Image". When I right-click there and click that option you are talking about "New Text Document", the NOTEPAD is opened, I can write there whatever I want, and then when I wanna save it, I have to go to the folder I am, because by default it prompts to save it in MYDOCUMENT. So I have to select C, then all the folders.

NEVERTHELESS, if I right-click and go to "New"/"Text Document", it CREATES a txt in the folder directly, and you write the name of the txt, and the you can open it an write there. So this option automatically saves the txt in the folder. THIS is what I want, not a shortcut to NOTEPAD, cause I can do that adding NOTEPAD to the toolbar/taskbar, or a quick-shortcut next to the start menu icon.

Point 2 exactly the same. I don't want shortcuts to programs, I want in the main menu of the right-click menu an option that does EXACTLY the same function as "Open with.../mkvmerge", which opens the program and loads the file I selected.

Thanks guys, hope now you understand completely what I want.