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    Thanks for the detailed fix chev65. I have updated the drivers. Time will tell if the problem has been fixed. So far so good

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    Bad news . The freeze problem happened again. I checked Dev Manager and I still have just the 2 HID Keyboard devices present. I unplugged the G15 keyboard and the mouse freeze in the hot corners stopped as expected. Unfortunately, it doesnt appear that the fix for G15 keyboards as documented by chev65 works on my system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chev65 View Post
    Apparently the problem HID driver was at the top of the list of three HID drivers in Device manager>Keyboards which is the one causing this problem. I needed to first uninstall this driver to confirm that it fixes the freezing problem.

    After finding the problem HID driver by uninstalling it "it was the first one on the list of three,". I right clicked Keyboard in Device Manager and told it to scan for hardware changes which reinstalled the bad driver. At that point I right clicked on the problem driver and chose "update driver software" did the manual install method "Browse my computer for driver Software", then instead of browsing for it choose, "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my machine" at that point there is a choice of two drivers, one says " HID Keyboard device" which you don't want. The second one simply says "HID compliant device" choose the second one on the list.

    After Windows updates the bad driver it vanishes from the list and opens up an expanded list of "Human interface devices" which is where I assume the new driver was installed too. This fixed the mouse pointer problem completely.

    The fix holds, and even after a reboot the old bad HID driver does not reinstall itself in the Keyboard HID driver list. I would imagine that if you installed the Logitech driver for the G15 or if you unplug the keyboard you may need to go through the procedure a second time but I haven't tested this out yet. Best to wait for the updated Logitech driver for Windows 8.

    Let me know if this fix works for you.
    THANKS chev65! I deleted the first HID Keyboard and reinstalled the Logitech Gaming Software drivers for my G9X and G19. All is well on the gaming front.

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