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Computer Won't Boot - 0xc000000e (Win 8.1 Pro x64)

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    Windows 8.1 Pro (x64)

    Computer Won't Boot - 0xc000000e (Win 8.1 Pro x64)

    My computer has been working fine without issue until late last night.

    I turned it on and went to get a drink and noticed that the computer had shut off.

    Surprised, I returned to turn it back on and then I saw the motherboard logo and immediately a blue screen that said, "Recovery, Your Computer Needs to be Repaired." and along with that, an error code of: 0xc000000e.

    I searched for hours last night for a solution but nothing has worked so far.

    The issue I see is that once I go into the UEFI (BIOS), under Boot Priority, it always said "Windows Boot Manager" since I'm using an SSD where Win 8.1 Pro x64 is installed and created a GPT instead of an MBR. Now, I am seeing "Microsoft Windows" instead of "Windows Boot Manager" and I cannot find it anywhere!

    I used DiskPart after inserting the installation DVD in Command Prompt and checked to see that all three partitions are there - 111GB (120GB SSD), 300MB called Recovery, and an unlabeled 100MB partition. All three partitions are there.

    I tried to use:

    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    I tried going through this guide: How To Rebuild the BCD in Windows

    However, when I "rebuildbcd", I get only the following (in BOLD):

    Scanning all disks for Windows installations.

    Please wait, since this may take a while...

    [Successfully scanned Windows installations.Total identified Windows installations: The operation completed successfully.]

    It doesn't say whether it was successful or not and the source drive keeps showing up.

    What I mean is:

    C:\bootrec /rebuildbcd

    Scanning all disks for Windows installations.

    Please wait, since this may take a while...


    I'm not sure why it doesn't give me a success/fail message. I tried it several times to no avail. I am therefore unable to proceed with that guide in that link above.

    When I reboot and go into the UEFI, it still shows "Microsoft Windows" and I can't get "Windows Boot Manager".I ran CHKDSK /R and after that the UEFI did show "Windows Boot Manager" but when I rebooted, I got the same "Recovery" blue screen with the same error code (0xc000000e) - and Microsoft Windows was showing up under Boot Priority #1 instead of "Windows Boot Manager."I really need help in fixing this as I am not sure what happened - the system was working perfectly until last night and I need to have my computer running properly ASAP.Please help!

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    Windows 8.1 Pro (x64)

    I am now able to see that there are "0" Windows Installations but I'm not able to fix it. I get the following:

    Scanning all disks for Windows installations.

    Please wait, since this may take a while...
    [Successfully scanned Windows installations.

    Total identified Windows installations: 0

    The operation completed successfully.]

    I tried following the rest of the guide but I can't get past:

    attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s

    It keeps saying "Path Not Found - C:\boot"

    I checked the directory and there's a "Boot" folder in "C:\Windows" but not C:\ itself!

    If I type the "attrib" command using the C:\Windows\Boot directory, I get
    "File Not Found - C:\Windows\Boot\bcd".
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    Windows 8.1 pro

    Facing the exact same problem, i am windering if you found a solution for this problem?
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Computer Won't Boot - 0xc000000e (Win 8.1 Pro x64)
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