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Getting the Message' Preparing Automatic Repair' on Boot

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    Getting the Message' Preparing Automatic Repair' on Boot

    Some Three Months ago, I updated online my WIN 8 Pro OS to WIN 8.1,Since when it has run without any problems, but Unfortunately this morning,when I switched on my PC, I got the following Messages.

    1. PreparingAutomatic repair
    2. DiagnosingYour PC
    3. AutomaticRepair
    4. YourPC did not start correctly – Pressed restartbutton
    5. Repeatof 1, 2, 3
    6. PressedAdvance Options button
    7. PressedContinue button
    8. Repeatof 1,2, 3
    9. PressedTroubleshoot button
    10. PressedRefresh your PC
    11. Thereis a problem with refreshing your PC
    12. PressedStart Up Repair
    13. StartUp repair couldn’t repair PC
    14. SeeD:\windows system32\logfile\smt\sattrail.txt
    15. TriedSystem restore but got a message saying No System restores available
    16. Selectedoption for booting from my old WIN 7 Disk

    After a short wait my WIN 7 OSbooted up successfully and I was able to see the WIN 8.1 OS Disc . I ran myKaspersky AV on it which came up 'clear', I then ran the OS Disc test which also came upwith no errors.
    Also I Cannot find the log messagereferred to in 14

    Unfortunately I only have myWIN 8 CD, and WIN 8 System Repair disk, which will not work with my current WIN8.1 installation.
    I can get into my BIOS bypressing the ‘del’ key on boot, but cannot get into the F8 menu for Safe Mode options.

    Help - What do I do now ?

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    You are going to have to get a copy of the 8.1 .iso, in order to fix the problem.
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    @broe23, Thanks for your suggestion. I Downloaded the WIN 8.1 OS, as per TOMs Tip on this Forum. Created an ISO File and Burned it to Disc.
    Unfortunately after booting from the DVD, and selecting 'Repair My Computer' It just goes through the same procedures and results as I reported earlier in this thread.
    Finally I tried to reinstall WIN 8.1 from the ISO disc I created, but it will not accept my WIN 8 password, so it looks as if I will have to reinstall my WIN 8 OS then update to 8.1 via the Microsoft Shop Free update. Unless that is you have any other suggestion ?
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    You will need to put in the generic key to get 8.1 to install. Then after installation, you can enter your enter your 8.0 key to activate.

    Generic keys are:



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    When you boot, can you access the Boot Device menu and select something there. Normally you would look for a Windows Boot Manager, but if you do not see one, what do you see?

    Are you getting any messages during the repair process that will allow you to Cancel the operation?

    When you look for the file named, look in the Windows\System32\LogFiles\Srt folder. There is the SrtTrail.txt and several others that might be helpful.
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    Thanks guys for your suggestions - Finally managed to find the Srt file. problem was that the file was generated during an attempted boot which failed, so had to reboot in WIN 7, then search for it !.
    The Srt.txt report says -

    Root cause found:
    Boot manager is missing or corrupt.
    Repair action: File repair
    Result: Failed. Error code = 0x15
    Time taken = 0 ms

    In the light of that - How do I repair or replace my Boot Manager ?
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Getting the Message' Preparing Automatic Repair' on Boot
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