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Windows 8.1 registry acting strangely.

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    Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 registry acting strangely.


    I'm new to Windows 8 and helping someone with a couple of things on their new laptop which was recently upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1

    One issue might involve a registry edit so I began to look in the registry but I've noticed something odd when I run regedit. Each time I run it, what appears under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) is not always the same. (I was looking for Components under HKLM). Here's an example running it 10 times.

    I run regedit and under HKLM see 7 entries


    Then I exit regedit (without making any changes) and run it again and see that Drivers has disappeared leaving the other 6 entries. Exit and run again I see the same 6 entries. I repeat the exit and run again process seeing the same 6 entries each time, but on the 7th run, Drivers reappears giving 7 entries again. On the next run a new entry, Components appears (between BCD00000000 and Drivers) giving 8 entries. Exit and run again, same 8 entries but then on the next run Drivers and Components both disappear leaving the other 6 entries.

    Has anyone else noticed or can explain such behaviour?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    PS just run another 10 times or so and each time has 6 entries (no Drivers or Components)
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    If it is doing it only when booting, it is just atypical windows behavior. I would not worry too much about what is going on in the registry, unless you are going into it, to remove something, or change a setting.
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    Thanks for the reply and the reassurance.

    Not sure how long after booting I witnessed this but it just seemed odd. I was actually investigating a particular issue for the owner which possibly meant making a change under Components, but as I described, that was nowhere to be seen initially and I was surprised when it eventually appeared.
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Windows 8.1 registry acting strangely.
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