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(Accidentally) Deleted EFI Partition, can't boot.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    if possible try downloading a bootloader like grub or quimu and burning it on a cd and then try booting u can find some instructions on a website. this works in most cases like this

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    Sri, that's not the problem. The firmware doesn't recognize where the partitions start/stop on the hard drive, without the EFI information.

    Edwin, is there anyway I can download the iso file directly? That page requires you to download an installer, which doesn't work on mac, even with CrossOver.
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    Edwin, is there a way I can download the iso file directly? That page requires you to download a setup program, which I can't run on mac, even with Crossover.
    You can, but again, you'll need a retail key;
    Images forthcoming......

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    Use the saved iso to create a bootable usb.

    You can delete the setup file as well as the Electronic Software Download, (ESD), file, (hidden in C), if you wish.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    Good Luck Then make sure to revert if u solved the problem!
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    Not sure Asus supply discs anymore. I heard they just do a program called backtracker - all that does is copy the recovery partition onto a usb stick for you.

    You may end up downloading the 8.1 rtm iso from the net. Plenty of clean ones around exact match with msdn iso hash. No pirating there. It is just the media. You already have the key in your firmware.

    That is installed using the generic key, then activated using the 8.0 key you already have.

    Generic installation keys are supplied by MS :




    After you have installed it, get your 8.0 key from the firmware using rweverything RWEverything | Read & Write Everything

    Click ACPI>MSDM your key is at the bottom.

    [ you can find the iso names and hashes here: Windows 8.1 RTM (Core, Pro, Enterprise x86, x64) leaked ]
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    So everyone agrees this can't be fixed? I should reinstall? I'm ready if I have to be
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1

    yeah go on and stay in touch with the forums!
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    It may be repairable, but you can't seem to get something needed to boot. Because of the earlier Diskpart listing that showed the drive had one partition, I would think it might be uninitialized. But we never got the full Diskpart readout to check (picture from camera).

    If you could get partition wizard to boot, we might make some progress. An uninitialized drive can be repaired, if that is the problem.

    On the other hand, some of the problems you seem to be encountering might mean something more serious is wrong with your computer, although I have not encounter such a situation.
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    The deed is done. I installed windows 8 using windows 8.1 rtm, and used my key to activate it. Thanks so much guys, I would have been nowhere without you. I really appreciate it! Thread closed.
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(Accidentally) Deleted EFI Partition, can't boot.
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