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Transferring between Win8 laptop & Win8 tablet?

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    Transferring between Win8 laptop & Win8 tablet?

    How can I transfer items from File Explorer, etc. from my Win8 laptop to my Win8 tablet. A cable doesn't work. Would a 2 in 1 (dual) micro usb to usb 2.0 flash drive do the trick?
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    Cloud? Bluetooth? Wireless? If they share a homegroup, wireless transfer should suit you nicely?
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    It would be nice to know which laptop and which tablet we are talking about.

    Do you have a network setup (either homegroup or workgroup)? If so, you can share and transfer items across the network.

    Do they both have an internet connection? Use DropBox or OneDrive (with free account) to keep items synced between the 2 devices.

    If they both have Bluetooth they can be paired and transfer files back and forth via Bluetooth send and receive.

    As far as a cable, you probably need what is called an OTG cable that will allow you to connect devices to your Win 8 tablet. Directly connecting the 2 machines won't work but with an OTG cable and a thumb drive you could transfer files between the 2 machines.
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    LMAO, yeah, Cloud? Bluetooth? Wireless?
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    Sneakernet All kidding aside as mentioned are they networked? USB thumb drive is one way to do it.
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    Thanks a lot guys. For some reason nothing on the desktop transferred automatically to my tablet. All my apps, people, pictures, etc. did ok. What I did in the end was to attach a lead that I had from my typing pad to my tablet. This lead had a UBS 2.00 female and a UBS micro male on the other end. I attached a flash drive containing all my desktop data to one end and the other end to my tablet. Problem solved!
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    You can always set up a account and use that. They were doing a 50gb offer for a while. Normally they do 10gb. I do not know if Winscp would run on the tablet, but that is another option, to move files between directories, without having two explorer windows open.
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Transferring between Win8 laptop & Win8 tablet?
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