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Strange Folders

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    Strange Folders

    Anyone know what these folders and .txt file is? I had it in Win 7,Win 8 and 8.1.
    Click image for larger version
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    Doing a google search with "trace database.txt" finds hits mostly relating to adobe software: premiere, photoshop, photoshop lightroom mainly. So I guess it's one these programs...The modified date seems to indicate it's been installed on october (2013), that might be another clue for you to trace which program made these folders.
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    Good idea.

    I wouldn't be quick to point at Adobe though. I am running a couple of their products, without that folder. I can see, from a "google" that there can be many reasons. oneeyed's suggestion might give you a clue.
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    Have you tried any applications that turned out to be poorly done or half baked? My guess is that a developer somewhere used a template to start app development and neglected to replace the default placeholder values in that template with their own company info. I assume the txt file is empty? I would probably just delete the bogus file/folders and see if they come back.
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    I assume the txt file is empty?
    The .txt file is not empty. It says Master 1 0

    I have Googled it, and not found an answer. I see all the Adobe links. I have Adobe Photoshop 10, But this file was installed before Adobe.
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Strange Folders
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