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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Windows 8 RTM (Retinas taking damage...)

    If you download the RTM, You'll regret it. I was rocking the cool glassy RP, then I downloaded the leak. Now my eyes burn. I also saw too much gray in 2003. Now it's back with a vengeance.

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    Well they way they went about introducing the torn up desktop with Tablet gui replacement no wonder they are hearing about it! ME or Media Edition was the first deployment of features included in Windows rather then options to find on the installation disk like the 9x add and remove components. But Fat had it's day!

    With Vista the big mistake wasn't so much the larger OS which MS learned from to see 7 introduce the MinWin kernel but the removal of support for Fat only to be returned with 7. And you wonder 7's backward compatibility surpassed Vista's?! With 8 however a good deal of backward compatibilty is now being replaced by Metro Apps while that may also see a name change!
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    Rubbish! Comments from an old codger with tunnel vision.
    I have seen horrible reviews from expert movie critics
    that cannot fathom a popular success.

    XP Professional is still widely used in offices around the globe.
    Windows 7 could still remain in use well beyond 2020.

    I do not really believe users
    will want to stay with 7 many, many years into the future.

    By 2020, we will probably have seen an evolution of platforms
    designed for business and the next generations of youth.

    Windows 9, 10, 11, 12 etc...
    I think I will expire first...

    Windows 8 will not be a failure,
    8 is not guaranteed to disappoint nearly everyone.

    It will be another controversial business
    decision and money making enterprise.

    One cannot succeed in business without risk.
    If you don't like it,
    don't buy it.

    Do you know how to use a clutch,
    or do you prefer automatics?

    Do you like to cook or microwave?
    Do you want fries with that?

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8 pro Retail

    KewL!!! Fries, gimme a large order, easy on the salt <g>
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    Windows 7 Ult Reatil & Win 8 Pro OEM

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Rubbish! Comments from an old codger with tunnel vision.
    Meaning you or him?

    Opinions are worth the converse of how many there are! Time and the consumer will tell the tale.

    The rest is just blowing smoke.
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    I cannot predict the future,
    but my view is wide open,
    and will be glad to try a new product.
    (and have been for months)

    It is unthinkable to imagine OEM's
    that will sell millions of new systems with 8 installed,
    to be a failure for Microsoft.

    If the poll is 50/50 in this forum,
    even that is a success for Microsoft.

    If it's just smoke,
    then we can call the fire department.
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    no mdmd, no, it won't be a success

    mdmd, just about everyone who's tried it is complaining. I'm not against change but forcing (it's not optionable) the Metro start screen on Desktop PCs and normal laptops is moronic to say the least. It's a very big mistake from MS not to make Metro like a normal Windows app: resizeable and minimizable to the task bar. And why removing the Start Menu, this is insane beyond cosmos' limits. The worse is that whether it's a success or not is not relevant for Microsoft. If it was they wouldn't do this period. It's not relevant because their main sales are EOM distros, not sales of installation discs. (personaly I don't know a single person who has bought a install discs separately from his/her computer - all non-Mac laptops are already pre-installed with Windows) They don't care if you don't buy or don't upgrade to it. Their main business is in the EOM distribution. And poeple will be forced to use it because most of the poeple don't have a clue about the different OSes they could choose. They buy a laptop, turn it on and that's all. Personaly if I buy a laptop and see Metro spilling over the screen, I return the machine to the store on the same day and ask them to install a valid OS or to refund my money. But most poeple will say, yeah ok, now it's like this. Amd Microsoft will pretend it's a success, even if the entire population hates it. No, seriousely I think Microsoft is going to face near riot rejection of Metro. In a few weeks they will start being flooded with complains and poeple asking where they can download Start8. For the professional users and businesses w8 in its current build is already a crying no-no. They will have to make Metro optionable at the very minimum or the company will go kaput.
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    I kind of doubt the 8 will be an Edsel.

    Even if it is,
    It has a few followers.

    ....Like the Chevy Volt,
    SmartCar or Leaf...

    Duds or fizzle out,

    all I know,
    as a pea brain is,

    ...I like it, and so do many others.

    If you do not,
    then do not use it.

    That's it...unless you must.

    Then one must get out your toolbox,
    lift up the hood, and fix it.

    Like you said,
    time will tell.

    Let's see what happens by New Years 2013...

    Anyway, I am getting out of this thread,
    cannot be successful here.

    Have a nice day!
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    Windows 7 Ult Reatil & Win 8 Pro OEM

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    If the poll is 50/50 in this forum,
    even that is a success for Microsoft.
    From a marketing point of view I'd call that an abysmal failure.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    If it's just smoke,
    then we can call the fire department.
    Why call the fire department when there's no fire ... only smoke blowing out of ....
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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