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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgurne View Post
    In Metro, how do you see the path to a program. F.I. the new pinball game. In W7 you would rightclick on the icon, and under "properties" you could see the path. Rightclicking on a tile in Metro does nothing, so how do you do that?
    You can't see the one for the Metro apps, but for the other one like Word, you just right click and choose " Open Files Location,, at the bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindowsStar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Originally Posted by Spaisekraft

    I remember during the early previews with W7 everyone was saying it was terrible and windows had doomed itself and it wasn't any better than vista.
    I don't know where you were at the time. I have lived thru the whole Win7 Beta and never heard such a statement. If I remember right, there was nothing but praise. Maybe there were a few guys that made derogative comments who only knew Win7 from hearsay - the same crowd like the one in the Mojave project.
    +1 I never heard any bad things about Windows 7 while testing and I was in it from the very start.
    Look at the various "Windows Explorer Scroll Bug" threads on the MS sites.
    People were complaining that MS ignored them during W7 testing.
    Apparently one of the bugs pre-dated the Vista RTM.

    People are still complaining about W7 today.
    Here's a comment from the 3rd of March 2012
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    What win8 offers is the wider choice, people familiar with desktop environment and the people use tablets both can use the OS, it's the market influence the manufacturers and they have to cater for all kind of consumers. Win8 CP has already been downloaded by 1Million in 24 Hrs, it shows the public interest in the OS and most of the normal users are around 90%-95%, it's a guess and have no figures to prove it. I hope it'll be a success because it's faster and completely different from previous OS, of course there are some shortcomings but will be sorted when the final build is out.

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview Tops 1 Million Downloads in 24 Hours
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    I'm liking Windows 8. Most of the time is still spent in the desktop so the changes aren't as big of an issue as I imagined. Until there are more powerful Metro apps I see the new Start screen as basically just an App launcher, at least on a desktop PC anyway.

    I'm having a few issues with drivers and app crashes but I guess that's to be expected in a pre-release version. Once it's released to manufacturing I expect it to be a top notch OS.

    I reckon it'll be difficult for Microsoft to sell the changes to the public though as Windows users seem to hate change. If Apple made Windows 8 it would probably go down very well!
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    Hi there
    a few people I've already shown w8 to like it a LOT -- and performance wise you can't compare it with VISTA at all.

    On my tiny acer aspire one netbook it runs superbly although I have 4GB RAM in it -- output to a large plasma TV screen and even apps like Photoshop CS 55 are ok to use --wouldn't spend hours on it though -- a nice laptop with an i5 / i7 processor will be really good.

    After a few days then I'm going to install it on my main laptop -- as this probably needs a new "clean out". That laptop has 8GB RAM and an I5 processor - and an SSD too.

    Any comparison with VISTA is totally wrong.

    I'll bet that most given a chance --and the Navigation is DEAD simple after just trying it for a few minutes --don't run it like WV7 or XP --IT'S DIFFERENT.

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    I read all the above comments and understand each and every complaint levelled at this new OS. However, I also know that the next generation of machines is on the horizon and the majority will be touch-enabled and thus Microsoft have written this new software to be both optimised for touch-screen devices and backwards-compatible so that people upgrading can still use their older machines.
    While it is a bit irksome having to learn new ways of doing things and finding that things aren't where they once were, I don't believe this is change for its own sake, rather it's MS catching up with other vendors and offering something that unites many platforms and, ultimately, will simplify everyday device functionality on these different platforms utilising a shared ecosystem.
    At heart I'm a geek who loves learning about and learning how to use new tech, so I welcome this shift with open arms.
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    After a few days I'm liking this new Op system more and more. Today I will install this on my SSD as my main Op system to see how it really performs.

    This WCP is by far the best yet, the earlier builds were more buggy and also lacking features in a bad way. The WDP was unusable for me, this new build is night and day difference.

    I think if they polish this up and maybe even have a PC mode that skips Metro with the option for the old style start menu it would even make the complainers happy. I'd also like to see a way to bypass the new Start page with signing in as optional instead of required.

    Here's a tip, to get to the Apps page fast use the Windows key + Q, two clicks of the Windows key gets you back to the desktop.
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    I for one will never use a tablet, and I like my mouse/keyboard combo very nicely. I never want to use a touchscreen. I prefer desktops, and don't see the point of a touchscreen on one. I can't see myself using a touchscreen on a desktop to type in documents, holding your arms up for that long. I see touch keyboards as a possible wave of the future, especially for business users. I for one like to keep my monitor at a comfortable viewing distance, and can't see stretching my arms out that far and long to type in documents on a touchscreen.

    I understand the melding of OS's for touchscreen, but I would like to see the option for the traditional Start button and menu in Windows 8. I think that would be especially useful for business users.

    I find that the UI isn't very intuitive, and you have to search for a while to do different tasks, or Google it or post in the forums.

    When I boot up, I never use Metro, and have my used apps pinned to the taskbar.

    Bring the option to disable Metro, and choose the traditional Start button and menu, I say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPDeskjet View Post
    This already looks worrying. Every single comment in the 'Comments Section' is negative. Redmond has a problem by the looks of things.

    Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain ? The Register
    I thought, this sums it up pretty nicely:

    The problem isn’t so much Metro, which by itself represents some good thinking about touch device design. It’s Microsoft’s insistence on inserting Metro between us and what we want to do – and at times Metro is spectacularly inappropriate.

    Nobody seems to be able to say no to the Metro Guard, it seems, for fear of punishment. But welding this immature and inappropriate smallscreen UI into the everyday Windows experience is being carried out in a quite totalitarian fashion.
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    It feels like Windows 7 would be the upgrade of Windows 8?
    • It removes the junk
    • Faster access to files
    • Looks better
    • And it feels like "Windows" not "Tiles"

    Don't get me wrong, I have been waiting for change, just not like this.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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