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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    The cloud features are pretty cool in 8. I can go to another PC running 8 and setup a new user account and use my Microsoft account and my settings, email, calendars, social networks and such transfer over without setting it up in each individual app or having to change settings in the Desktop.
    Those features could be useful for some people (i.e. people who use multiple W8-based devices).

    However it also means that your info can be easily scrutinised and then sold to advertisers.
    It could also be used by cyber-criminals to gather info about your system.

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    I bet it will take a LONG time until Windows Cloud. A vast majority of the US doesn't have FIoS internet service with a gigabit of speed. It would be a major PITA to have to stream an operating system through a DSL connection.
    It wouldn't be Microsoft's problem though, it would be yours.

    I'm sure terms, like "Luddite" and "Cheapskate", would be bandied about on forums.
    I don't think the user data would be sold off to advertisers, not yet at least. But in the long run, I don't think Microsoft would open that avenue up. Even with their Bing search engine, they focus on search, not advertising like google, or with Hotmail, the adverts are usually Microsoft products or something from their OEMs. They kind of pride themselves on not doing what google does with email.

    And probably yeah, I would bet those terms would be slandered. It would be like vista all over again: just get new hardware. Instead, it would be: just get a new service provider that charges more than yours currently does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killericarus View Post
    Now finally some people that see win 8 for what it is almost ten years ago I frequented the forums of iexbeta when one in my lvl would have 4 or five windows pcs an xp,longhorn,server 03,98 on a live cd with a persistance file and my favorite windows freestyle that one day I made the connection myself by pure coincedence as I was trying to create an open session rewritable cd of xp much how linux has always had a live cd but back to the here and now win 8 has a boatload of hidden gems no the famous file system didn't make the cut because it was adapted. To take on journal file system a hybred that is incomplete because of meta stream data that ruins the performance and the tecnique was used in linux to allow one high performance file system communicate with all others and windows failed at that. Now comes security issues that have plagued since the days of 95 and windows millenium with service packs and such so they take power shell a dos hybrid and include explorer commands in it so one can run the pc without utilities like vnc and actually use virtualization to its proper lvl now I've only been playing with this release for a few weeks but it is the "heir appearent" without a doubt lol look at distros like pclos that strive for "works out of the box" well that is been windows forever now comes the dawn of cloud and virtualization box no more people that box can be on the other side of the world now and take the metro desktop does anyone remember the green pc sold at walmart it was a linux setup that had all apps just like win 8 and logon was very similar with respect to it controlled you more than you controlled it that said win 8 is a gem in itself waiting for people to tear it apart and try to keep microsoft from turning into another monopoly with everything having to go thru them first
    A big problem that could erupt with using Linux is configuring a lot of things. I've heard from many Linux users that they always use Terminal for a lot of things to get them to work correctly. But that could be different.

    That sounds like android ICS or whatever that you're speaking of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    A good analogy would be like Longhorn being a cool airplane that crashed and its parts got scattered across the years....
    ...with the significant pieces yet to be recovered.

    Well of course WinFS never made it. But I'm talking about how a lot of features and design elements from Longhorn either made it as it is in vista or 7 or 8 or they made it as a morphed version; like WinFS. In Server 2012, it has the new ReFS and Microsoft has hinted that it will eventually come to the client OS of Windows 8.
    WinFS has been Microsoft's Duke Nukem Forever since, well, forever.

    Back in Longhorn, when you opened your Pictures Library (a feature that ended up in 7) and hovered over a picture, it would expand to be a bit larger. In Windows 8 within a metro file picker, you hover over a picture and it expands a bit larger and it also shows some details about it.
    I always turn all that nonsense off because of the endless disk groveling and the fact that it frequently interfered with deleting files. I configure Windows Explorer to display details for all folders, and it's much faster and more reliable that way. No one really needs features like that because they're present in programs that are dedicated to dealing with pictures and are far better at it. The Music Library is especially stupid, because there was an endless library rebuilding bug affecting WMC/WMP, and those programs have no way to catalog files that aren't in a library. A few months after Windows 7 was released, Microsoft crapified the Zune software in the same way, and after hundreds of protests on the old Zune forum, they finally relented and published a registry hack to free people from using libraries. The next version of the Zune software added it to the UI. There's just lots of fail WRT libraries, and I could list more.
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    MS has always been behind on getting many things fixed! Take for example how long XP longed for numerous fixes until MS extended support after releasing SP3. The final service pack holds over 1,000 OS and security fixes for the now 11yr. old version.

    The next version Vista saw multiple set backs trying to implement new things there. On the other hand 7 was the "right out of the box" working OS for most who run it. MS paid far more attention to detail with 7 over any previous version to insure better results. Unfortunately with 8 they decided to deploy a radical gui change over following a successful trend of two consecutive champion versions.
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    Agreed. Windows 8 is a joke. It really is pathetically bad. I'd rather switch to OS X than use metro on a desktop.

    And this is coming from a big Windows fan.
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    One does not simply switch to osx. It costs a lot of money, because you must buy new hardware to, plus you can just stay with 7
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    Not true at all one can switch to osx very easily without software and even if you don't belive that then google bootcamp for windows
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    No, you just can't switch to osx from windows, because 1) it's illegal to run osx on non-apple computers (but possible), 2) osx supports very little hardware, so it's like 99,666% that it will not support your new pc or laptop.
    But the most important thing is that you don't understand what you talking about - bootcamp is for apple computers, not for all
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    warning   Warning
    Let's keep this friendly and on topic.

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    To be correct yes the term bootcamp applies to running windows software on mac hardware but I gues you never knew what a hackintosh is then either? Lol costly its free as a bird and illegal like um as long as you buy it no its not illegial at all
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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