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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Arrogance on the part of MS will get them nowhere, honestly they have ALREADY alienated many of their most loyal customers by their stealthy approach at forcing this Metro touch screen crap on them.

    If you're listening MS.... the old adage is STILL correct...."The customer is ALWAYS right".

    The "customer" wants a choice of which UI they can use as the default.

    I see this attitude seems to be increasing from many major companies over the past number of years. Basically they are waving the middle finger in the faces of their best customers, and have to some degree gotten away with it, till most recently, the consumer "push back" is just beginning, and not just at MS but many other businesses as well.

    If that CHOICE is not given to use the classic desktop as the default in Windows 8 I will be using Linux Mint on my next PC purchases. The nice thing is that it's basically FREE and it gives me what I want too.

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    I bought a windows tablet about 6 months before Windows 8 CP was released. It was hideous and almost went into the bin. Win8 has made it a good piece of kit with good usability. My mates with an iPad have played with it and love the live tiles, feeling their UI is pretty boring after playing with Metro. An iPad or Android tablet wasn't an option for me as my industry is very Windows reliant. I have the best of both worlds. Using desktop with mouse and keyboard is no different from windows 7 and I am discovering little improvements that I hadn't noticed before, particularly to right click menu options, which are very useful.

    For me windows 8 has made my kit faster, smoother and more usable.

    I suppose the other old adage of "you cant teach old dogs new tricks" is a danger here.....
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    You've got it right, Dazbear. Windows 9 is a great OS for touchscreens. And it works well with a mouse and a keyboard as well.
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    Anti Aged Win8

    My wife is also 83 & I think W8 is not for her. It is really anti aged!

    She spends many hours on her computer & enjoys it!

    But Win8 ?, never in millions years!! She has a set routine for her daily seesions & will never use Win8.

    My main computer is win7 & I will not change from it!

    I also have a computer on Vista, I use that for my Photo Work. Another with Win8. I use that for trying to understand Win8.

    There are supposed to be many new features in Win8 but I can't seem to find them, like the user above that can open multiple files in one window. Do we find these by osmoses? Where is the Wizard of MS that sees all & knows all?

    It takes me days to find an answer to my questions. I usually find some kind soul on Win8 Forum that helps me without a lot computerize that I can not follow!

    Tully, 83 & counting!
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    Well you've got until 2020 with Windows 7 so it's not yet an emergency.
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    Tully, we're not old. We're kids with experience.
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    The main reason why people will adopt W8 is synchronization with all mobile devices and a good cloud service.

    Now, it will take time. Leaving iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Bada/Tizen for Windows mobile devices can be a veeery slow process if it happens at all. So far it hasn't had any success and is slow in offering apps and features compared to the others.

    I have the feeling that I will have Windows smartphone and ultrabook in two or three years as my only two devices where everything will be synchronized. Unless Google comes with some surprise in the meantime.
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    When you consider that Windows phone was falling off a cliff, these are the latest figures.

    Wp7. Europe,the UK and the US up 1% to 4%, Germany double fron 3% to 6%, China Wp7 7% iPhone 6%..

    The Lumia 900 has only just been released in the UK.

    By the way, I own an Android phone and an iPad.
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    'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8

    Never liked Windows 7 anyway ...

    Microsoft must really love Windows 8, or hate its legacy install base.
    The Aero interface introduced with the hated Windows Vista and perpetuated with the loved Windows 7 is being canned from Windows 8, the company has revealed.
    In another achingly long Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft called the Aero interface it once championed and poured so much love upon "dated and cheesy". Yes, Windows 7 peeps, it's official: you're using a cheesy-lookin' piece of software.

    Now, it’s all about pretending your PC is a Windows Phone with Metro. Pull on your hipster chunky jumper, roll up your coloured jeans and let me explain over a flat white.

    Full article at:

    'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8 ? The Register
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    Paul, I'm afraid that the article you are citing is satire.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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