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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    I have a spare PC with Windows 8 installed on it. I uninstalled Tablet PC Components and uninstalled all of those little Metro apps that came with it. I can get around in it and find everything OK. I want to run Photoshop, Power Director and other programs. I feel like I have Windows 3.1 front end on an upgraded Windows 7. The start menu is visually ugly. It doesn't take a genius to figure where everything is but it is more time consuming getting there, especially the sleep button. I agree Microsoft will have millions of complaints about the child like start menu that looks like it's designed for a kindergarten class project. On the plus side I like the spelling verifier in IE and the copy/paste/ribbon in Windows explorer. I think when Microsoft came up with this bowl of soup they were full of themselves and were thinking they were going to push PC users into a new way of running Windows. They're thinking tablet, tablet, tablet. I think that's why Windows 8 is ugly and time consuming on a desktop PC. For me, I think it's a pity that Microsoft came up with a start menu that so many people dislike when the OS is the best they've ever had. I wonder if Microsft went down this road to justify a few changes in the OS as a new release. It will be expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    Just my 2 cents:

    I'm reading all these complaints about how difficult it is to find something, or how something works on Windows 8 CP. "I am an experienced Windows veteran since version XXX and I can not find this and can not do that", that seems to be a common nominator.

    OK. I am an experienced Windows user, since absolute beginning of Windows. When I first saw Win 8 CP it was clear it is so different than previous versions that even experienced users might need to consult manuals and other written instructions.

    I did so. And now I have absolutely no problems to navigate deeper and deeper on Win 8 CP, find what I need. The point is we should forget now the fact we are "experts" and start instead reading manuals. I know it's cool to brag that "only n00bs read manuals, I do not need them for I am a pro", but it's wrong attitude.

    Control Panel cannot be found:BS! Can not hibernate: BS! Can not change this or that: BS!

    Stop complaining. Read.

    - Windows 8 Consumer Preview
    - Windows 8 Consumer Preview Guide (pdf)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    So the idea of desktop operating system designs should be to have everything small and miniscule as to aim, target, and click on something?
    What's wrong with ~48 x ~48 icons in the "Start Menu" and on the "Taskbar" ("Use large icons" setting)?
    I concede that, for some unknown reason, the icons remain tiny in "All Programs".

    The "Extra Large Icons" in Windows Explorer are ~256 x ~256 (actually larger when you include the text).
    Nothing really, I use the same folder view settings for my Libraries and large icons for EVERY folder.

    But the thing that gets me is that people complain about the Start Screen because they say the mouse is useless or ineffective for it. How?! It's easier to start programs or open a library or change settings without needing such precision to do so. The Start Screen to me is a Desktop version of the start menu. There are large icons on the Desktop, but no one seems to complain about that. Heck, even the Windows 7 Taskbar, which we all love, was partly designed to be touch first. Even the window controls are touch first, but no one complains about that. When faced with a new screen of icons of which can be arranged simply and easily and can be used to quickly access items, complaints roar from everywhere.
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    If Microsoft gave everybody $1000 dollars to test Windows 8, I'm willing to bet that at least half of the people would be complaining that they weren't getting $2000.
    I actually feel we're getting a very good deal, as I feel we're getting two operating systems for the price of one. I know a lot of people are complaining about the business usability of W8, but I cant see Microsoft leaving them behind as thats their bread and butter.
    I already like it better than Windows 7, even with the odd little bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPDeskjet View Post
    Start Screen.Why do I now have to scroll sideways for about 3 miles in order to find the programme or app I don't happen to have pinned to my desktop? That is fine for a tablet or mobile but nonsensical for a desktop. WHERE IS THE START BUTTON on the desktop? Oh yes, someone at MS thought it would a great step forward to remove it. Cretins.
    When you mouse over to the lower left corner and the Metro desktop image displays, you can right click on that have the start menu right there. Whatever you have pinned to the Metro desktop will pop up with that right click without having to open the Metro display.
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    I think we've gone the complete circle 3 times already.
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    Fair enough

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Nothing really, I use the same folder view settings for my Libraries and large icons for EVERY folder.
    I don't use those settings myself.

    I use "Details" (in Windows Explorer) for most of my folders.
    I use "Large Icons" for "Picture" folders.
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    They don't have to give me any money to test it out. They saved an otherwise disabled laptop from a dusty closet. I am curious though what they will charge me for the finished product.

    As I believe you said, it's like getting two GUI's in one package. You can configure it to work whichever way you prefer or a hybrid of both.
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    This is the best I've felt about an operating system for a very long time, not that I've disliked the others, its just that they seemed like minor upgrades, this is exciting and new. I know people dont like the online store, but to me its a lot better than having to jump in a car and have to pay for packaging and transport etc.
    Just like Android, the Apps should be a lot cheaper because they cant really be copied, and I like cheap.
    Maybe Microsoft should build two Windows 8's one for people who like the two Gui's and one for the Windows 7 type likers, I like the Metro.
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    Got the fingerprint scanner working. It needed .NET Framework 3.5 to run the drivers. I don't know much about that program except that many other programs require it.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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