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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Vista and Win7

    Finding apps is easier now I think, because instead of scrolling down through a list of folders names, I right click, select All Apps and see the actual applications instead of trying to remember who makes Virtual Clone or Mobile Noter.
    That is an excellent point. I always have difficulties remembering the names of these companies.

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    Windows 8 Customer Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by raine369 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BobLenx View Post
    Have been using Windows 8 Consumer Preview for several days (upgraded from Windows 7), and have read forums for hints tips shortcuts etc. Finally have it set up pretty well on my laptop.

    But there is one major thing that really has me baffled beyond belief. The Metro desktop doesn't do windows!!! Microsoft is making Windows non-windowed? Unless you bounce to the old style desktop. The "magic" of Windows on a nice big screen is having multiple programs open at once in various windows and moving from one to the other easily. I don't get it. I have an iPad2 and love it, and understand that the Windows 8 experience on a tablet will eventually be similar. Of course the iPad doesn't do windows either. Maybe that concept isn't appropriate for a tablet, but Windows 8 is meant for PCs as well.

    But Windows without windows?
    i found that if you click the top left corner of the screen you can flip through your metro apps and desktop.

    UPDATE: I just discovered. You can have multiple Metro apps visible on the screen (snapping), but it requires 1366 by 768 min resolution and my laptop is 1280 by 800 max as are a good many other Windows 7 units in use. So stand corrected, but disappointed.

    Yes I know you can scroll through "open" apps in the upper left corner on the screen, but as I indicated, each one fills the screen. You can't have more than one app showing on the screen at once. Metro is no longer "Windows".

    About 30% of my time spent in Windows 7 involves utilizing two or more "windows" open and visible to manipulate data/docs. (For instance my brokerage account in one window and a financial spreadsheet in the other to update the spreadsheet (by copy paste or hand entering) without having to jot down, print or memorize values - which is what would be required with equivalent Metro apps. This is in fact what annoys me the most with my iPad2 which I use and love.)

    Somehow sacrificing "windows" for touch capability impresses me as going backwards, not forward. And if the Metro UI doesn't do what you want and you spend most of your time in the standard desktop, why bother to upgrade from Windows 7 at all?

    Of course these comments are based on user productivity in business situations. Those who use the platform for email, social networking, photos, video and an occasional word processing document or spreadsheet will positively love Metro, assuming all those apps eventually exist for Metro.
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    Yes, unfortunately, that is the problem .

    The o/s has some terrific improvements in many ways.

    It is severely hampered by the interface.

    It is just fine for doing simple stuff - on a phone, or tablet - probably will sell just fine to those kind of people.

    ( Tho, it is not the os that sells on a small device - it is the device itself and how it is marketed that matters )

    If you actually want to do something more complex, or work - it is a hindrance.

    They can't have it both ways, it seems.

    Actually they can - but they have decided it will make them more money to do it this way.
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    Windows 10 (64 bit)

    This is the first Windows product since Window Me that I will not buy or recommend. Metro was really designed for a touch screen interface. I just realized put Me + tro together and you have two versions of Windows that are really not really what the PC end user wants!
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    Windows 8 64bit Pro

    Hi, guys, I've just found a good guide by Ed Bott for customising the Start Menu - The Metro hater's guide to customizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview - here is the link:
    The Metro hater's guide to customizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview | ZDNet

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    Windows 8.1 64bit Pro

    Thank you very much
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    Windows 8 Pro/Windows 8 Pro/Windows 7 64 Bit64Bit/Windows XP

    You can have two apps open on the same screen in Metro, I don't know if you can do anymore. Anyway, you can still do whatever you want in as many windows as you want on the desktop, same as in 7. Apart from that I'm not sure what you're getting at.
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    Windows 8 Pro/Windows 8 Pro/Windows 7 64 Bit64Bit/Windows XP

    I really don't know how we ever got out of the Stone Age.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    See, this dislike of the metro UI and the tiles over the idea it's touch first is an odd one. The Start Screen itself is more like a simplified desktop with fewer icons and no wallpaper.
    Click image for larger version
    This is what happens when you click on a shortcut on the Desktop.

    This is what a shortcut on Start Screen looks like...
    Click image for larger version
    It's the EXACT same thing, the only difference is that on Start Screen, the highlighted part is already shaded in with a solid color, versus on the Desktop, where's is translucent.
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    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate/Windows 8.1/Linux

    But what's the point of having a completely separate desktop, from which to launch 'normal' applications. The only reason for the 'new' start page if for running Metro applications. However, why would I want to leave the 'legacy' desktop just to launch a Metro application, when I can do exactly the same thing, with more than likely a better application, from where I currently am.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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