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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    That must be a problem indeed. For us Geeks it is fun to play with the Metro. But for businesses it means a lot of cost for training and trouble shooting plus a whole lot of employess who will whine because they are completely alienated and are not willing to learn. They want their 3 buttons that they usually click and change is not in the cards for them.

    An option for the two modes would definitely be the solution. I would still choose the Metro because I find it really intriguing and fun to use.
    Good , Bravo, finaly we understand each other......

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulGo View Post
    Windows 8 will help people work harder and faster,
    did Microsoft thing peoples are horses ? a wip with that

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    @cjt20, you must think the average employee is pretty dumb, I dont know maybe you're right. Seems most people on here have got the hang of it in a couple of days, and that's to do stuff most people will never need.
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    The point is that many of us, especially those of us who, like me, have been using Windows for a LONG
    time, have worked out specific ways to do things whivch suit US.

    That was ALWAYS one of Windows' big strengths, multiple ways of accomplishing task.

    So, we did. A combination of mouse, keyboard, command-line, Start, Quick-Launch, Explorer
    (File Manager) etc.

    Back then, we ALL had DIFFERENT ways of getting the SAME job done.
    Now, we have Metro-supporters putting non-Metro fans down as being
    Luddites, or 'won't learn new ways'.

    That's offensive and stupid. I learned these things on DOS 5 and Windows 3.0.

    Do not assume...

    Within 24 hours of the Win 7 beta being released, I was using it as my main OS. Same with
    the release candidate.

    Run Win 7 Ultimate on one lappy and Win 7 HP 64-bit on this one, have virtuals with Win 95c
    Win Me, Vista, MS-DOS/Win 3.11, Ubuntu, XandrOS.

    The old P4 runs XP, and is optimised for gaming.

    Still own a GEOS-equipped Commodore C64, and still have a PC copy lurking somewhere...

    Put me down as much as you like for wanting a Start menu/Quick-launch, if you must.

    Says much more about your ignorance, than it does about my skills/abilities.

    **EDIT** NOT intended to be offensive, nor is it directed at any particular poster**
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    It is not a question of smart or dumb. It is a question of focus and priorities.

    If you have a building full with 500 accountants, those people are smart. Still, they want to get a job done and are not interested in the intricacies of an operation system. Any change in their work environment is in their way and creates frustrations.
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    When I first used windows8 didn't care for it much.Using the developer preview I had my misgivings.I have since gotten to really like windows8.However I do not think I'll be upgrading my vast array of computers to to windows8 like I did windows7.
    No knock on windows8,so much as windows7 get's the job done.Now if I buy another computer,which could happen then I would get windows8.I like windows 8 but I do not forsee great sales for this OS.
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    Vista and Win7

    There are about 1 Billion PCs in the world - that sounds like a lot. But Apple alone sold 375 Million iOS mobile devices last year. Why should Win8 on ARM not do the same. Maybe not yet next year, but maybe in 2015.

    The joint venture of Microsoft and Nokia alone should yield very high numbers. Nokia is very strong in Europe and Asia and has only been slowing down recently because of the demise of Symbian - awaiting Windows 8. And MS also seems to have many cooperation agreements with the Asian manufacturers of mobile devices. So I would not be too pessimistic.
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    Even so ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave76 View Post

    Depends on the stats you look at, StatCounter says Win7 45% and XP 34%.

    StatCounter Operating Systems

    My glass is half full, the top half
    Even using your figures, "That means it is more widely used than Vista and every other desktop OS combined (excluding W7)."

    I think it's unreasonable to call XP a "flop", based on either set of figures (yours or mine).
    I think it would be more reasonable to say, every other OS released after XP, have been "flops" (excluding W7).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPDeskjet View Post
    Start Screen.Why do I now have to scroll sideways for about 3 miles in order to find the programme or app I don't happen to have pinned to my desktop? That is fine for a tablet or mobile but nonsensical for a desktop. WHERE IS THE START BUTTON on the desktop? Oh yes, someone at MS thought it would a great step forward to remove it. Cretins.
    You lost all credibility right here. This doesn't even make sense.

    Also the Start button is always in the right corner, you just got to hover over it.
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    I am 83 & at first was confused with Win8, but as I use it I am beginng to use it more.
    I have Win8 on a serparte desktop.

    I think people who help the "Elderly" are "cool".

    Programmers pay little attention to them.

    For instance, I am hard of hearing & have poor eyesight, a normal "elderly person".

    Recently I tried to register on an MS site & was required to enter the "picture code". I could not decifer the code because of poor sight. It offered to say it in audio, but I am hard of hearing!

    It took a long time changing the "Picture Code" displyed to finally get the right interpretation, even with my wife's (also 83) help.

    Programmers are a very "Anti Elderly" without thnking, group. They can't program "out of the box".

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    Brink does have a help file FOR this you do know, right? Shut down is simple. Go look at the help readme file and follow Brink's instructions.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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