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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    I liked the Microsoft Courier for the journal like aspect and I felt that it could have been fun with how the things would have worked it felt like it was a book taking pictures for inspiration, writing notes, going online to find photos, etc. This metro interface to me basically has good intentions and ideas behind it but I feel is not a good execution. I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for a more radical change. The desktop has changed but in a bad way. The addition of ribbons(creates more confusion to me, everything in office 2007 made what I knew hard to find), the removal of the start menu(the desktop version) and probably just overall nothing that I would consider a good change. Basically they have taken out certain things(like the start menu) and have not found a better solution in place. They've added things that are not necessary(ribbon) and have caused more confusion. The desktop is still basically the same exact thing as it was when I was a little kid in 1995. Sure graphically it's different. A few new features but overall it's looked and worked the same for so long. The only real time it changed I would say was when windows 7 arrived and even that was not a huge change. Windows 7 added the one thing I personally felt made programs much easier to access the pining(superbar). Yes before you could have put stuff in the quicklaunch but those icons were so small and it was separate from the actual taskbar(hard to explain) XP had been here since 2001 in all these years they still didn't advance change or advance much. When I first saw vista it wasn't even using it that made me not want it but the fact that 5 years after windows STILL looked and worked the same which is both nice and disappointing at the same time. They had not made things easier and it only looked graphically different. So basically what I'm waiting for after all these years is for them to actually change it up radically or enough that it actually looks like a change that is beyond graphical but still very intuitive and easy for average users to figure out without having to search for how to do certain things. Something that just can be figured out that is user friendly and fun to use. Wouldn't hurt to actually look nice either.

    Metro in idea is not bad but as an actual execution it just feels like large icons that tell information. Not all that exciting. There is no dimension. It's just flat and quite boring. It's a grid of blocks that pan across horizontally taking up unnecessary space. I can't say that I know how would I design it exactly but I know that when I saw that on the phones it was interesting but I always thought that the tiles were just taking up too much space and you only got so much information by looking at the screen and here on the metro start it basically just feels like a grid of block icons. I guess that's just how tablets work as android and ipad are basically a grid of icons but I feel they executed better. On top of that the metro style the simplicity has gone a bit too far. The buttons are basically text in a bordered box. And even the menus everything is so flat that it's hard for my eye and doesn't give much distinction even for search areas/forms. Everything also feels a bit severely squared there isn't any boxes with round edges. The typographic elements just feel like text against a solid background. To me the simple design became too simple that it has become boring/uninspired and feels like there wasn't much thought or design involved, although I'm sure there was.

    With the ribbon added, the jarring differences and forcing us to us metro even when in desktop mode it it will be annoying to use. It's gotten more difficult in unnecessary ways. Metro is integrated into the desktop but it doesn't even blend well with the desktop. I just hope they really rethink it although I guess by now it's too late. It is what it is.

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    Hey tseven, you're not related to Steve Jobs are you, what's with the boxes with round corners. You talk about simplicity, what could be more simple than tapping a tile or swiping your finger across the screen. I think it will do well on a tablet, even on a desktop its pretty good, after a little bit of learning.
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    @Bill: - No, actually I can see his point re rounded corners.

    I'd noticed the same thing, but had hoped that it was due
    to this not being a release-candidate, bur a beta. Early builds
    of Win 7 and even Vista and XP were similar.

    Look at win 7, then at Win 8.

    When you have a dialog box or an install screen up......

    Total diference, and Win 7....well....wins, basically.

    Graphically, Win 8 is VERY rough around the edges.

    Looks more like Win 95. And yes, I've just checked.....
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    Actually, if Microsoft really did want to give us a decent new
    interface experience, here's a suggestion.....

    Fix and apply the original 'Longhorn' interface.

    Now THAT would have been nice. Always did like it and
    was disappointed with Vista's interface as a result.....

    Was a nicer interface than XP or even 7, and had some
    REALLY good features. I'll see if I can find a screenie.

    Oh and DO please put in Longhorn's RED screen of death.

    That WAS cool!

    Anyone ever seen it? Anyone ever PLAYED with it?

    It was effing gorgeous, but very unstable and insecure.

    I was looking forward to Longhorn, but we got Vista instead.

    Found some's one. l'l try to find an RSOD.

    Longhorn S/Screen with Start Menu and gadgets.....

    Click image for larger version
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    I dont mind the interface actually, round corners dont do anything for me, if they put them in later , fine. I'm more in the camp where I just want things to work. That doesnt mean I dont like a nice interface, its just not that important at this stage.
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    Oh....KAY, here it is...the oft-rumoured, but seldom seen.....

    Longhorn RSOD...

    Well, one of 'em, anyway. They were legion.

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post

    The topic of this tread is about if MS is making the biggest flop ever. So we have to know if peoples will like Windows 8, not your or my personal choice. This is a Windows 8 forum, this is not representative, I guess peoples are here because they are using Windows 8, on general forums, peoples dislike what Microsoft did with Windows 8, so if MS donít change their mind, well we will see what happen, better they start to work on the after crises OS.
    Look at this article

    9 growing threats to the success of Windows 8 | News | TechRadar

    Good article from TechRadar - thanks for the link. Agree this forum is not representative of the real world and there are plenty of folks over on the Win7 forums that are anti. I hope MS get this right as Apple/Android could do with some competition in the tablet market. Whether MS have left it too late to jump on the bandwagon we will have to wait and see. Whether you can transport the UI from a smartphone and tablet to a desktop successfully will be another wait and see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WindowsStar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by WindowsStar View Post

    +1 I never heard any bad things about Windows 7 while testing and I was in it from the very start.
    Look at the various "Windows Explorer Scroll Bug" threads on the MS sites.
    People were complaining that MS ignored them during W7 testing.
    Apparently one of the bugs pre-dated the Vista RTM.

    People are still complaining about W7 today.
    Here's a comment from the 3rd of March 2012
    Checked your link, what is the complaint?
    So you read that person's comment? Really?

    Posted Saturday 3rd March 2012 12:29 GMT

    Talkin' 'bout De-g-g-g-generation

    Although I have not tried Windows 8, judging by the article, it will most likely serve as proof that the most difficult thing to design is a useful UI. The Vista and WIn 7 UI's were so bad, as far as I am concerned, that I am still using XP. To be fair, however, my major complaints were not addressed in the article (bizarre desktop clicking behavior, unusable Windows Explorer, unusable search function, etc.)
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    there are plenty of folks over on the Win7 forums that are anti
    If you go to an XP forum there will be plenty of folks anti

    If you go to a Vista forum there will be plenty of folk anti

    If you go to an ME forum there will be plenty of folk anti

    Etc Etc Etc Etc.

    Thats the way its always been with Microsoft, people have to be dragged by the scruff of the neck to the next version, believe me I've seen them all.

    With Apple its always the other way, it wouldn't matter what they did, people love it.

    I don't think being late will hurt Microsoft, old Windows users will hurt Microsoft, like the XP ones, and maybe now the Windows 7 ones.
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    Here's a thought...I was just playing with this in DOS Box...

    Anyone remember Win 3.1/3.11?

    How you'd just give up on the interface altogether, and run
    the whole OS from within Windows File Manager ( Explorer)?

    Yep! Interface problem solved. And Metro and the lack of
    a start menu/button cease to be relevant.

    Explorer has changed a lot, but there is still nothing that you
    can't do from there if you know how. And the basic directory-
    tree interface hasn't changed that much

    Of course, it's not a solution for newbs.....and
    certainly won't suit a lot of people.

    Surprised I never thought of that before.

    Used to always run Win 95/98 that way
    too, come to think of it, but not since XP.

    **EDIT** And you're there in one click from the Metro screen. Just been checking
    it out and it's like old times. Bit light on the eye-candy for some, tho....
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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