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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows View Post
    If you dont know anyone who buys a PC for Facebook or Twitter or to buy things you cant get around much. Millions of people buy computers for just these things including games and emails and Voip etc. The problem for MS is that people are now buying tablets to do these things and guess whose tablets they're buying, you guessed it Apple.
    People are also buying phones to do these things, and guess whose phones they're buying, you guessed it Apple and Android. The biggest problem for MS is that if all these young kids grow up using iPads and iPhones, guess what system they're going to use when they grow up.
    This is a tough time for MS they have to keep up or lose market share, I personally think they are heading in the right direction, if not, I'm wrong and Microsoft is wrong and soon all you'll see is overpriced Apple computers. I hate Apple stuff, I build my own computers, and want to keep doing so, so I really hope MS gets this right.
    I also hope that Microsoft get this right, I really do. There really is no need for them not to. Judging by some of the comments here the UI between Metro and desktop obviously still needs tweaking, that is more or less all I'm saying. What I am not saying is that the OS itself is a dead duck. There seems to be nothing wrong with the OS and how it operates. The OS is a step forward when you look at what has been done on the technical front. It is faster than Windows 7 and the other internal alterations are a definite improvement over 7. The 'one size must fit all' approach from Microsoft with Windows 8 is the wrong one in my opinion. What people want to do on a desktop/ laptop is normally quite different to what they do on their tablets and mobile 'phones. They are different environments and most people have different expectations from the various platforms. Even Apple recognises this with iOS and OS X. iOS for iPads/ iPhones and an OS X for Macs. iOS being mainly for playtime and OS X to get some real productive work done.

    Iím all for people buying iPads/ tablets and iPhones/ Android ' phones for their personal/ business computing experience and am aware that Microsoft are trying to catch up with the competition on that front with Windows 8. However, I'm sure that literally millions of the same people who own these devices also own either a desktop or laptop, or both. I know I do. The Metro UI does not seem to be giving an overall pleasant experience at this point when using Windows 8 on desktops/ laptops and needs tweaking to get it sorted. I'm also sure that in the working environment, where people actually have to do some real work instead of playing games, tweeting and posting updates on Facebook that the Metro UI, as it currently stands, will be regarded as more of a hindrance than an asset. That 's another reason why I think that the Windows 8 'one size must fit all' approach is not the right one.

    Perhaps Microsoft have taken the decision that the majority of corporate customers will simply ignore this Windows release, I'm beginning to think that might be the case. If so it's a dangerous gamble. They've already been badly burnt by Visa and Windows ME and another such escapade will not help their credibility in the marketplace. Let's be honest, most companies still haven't updated from XP and those that have are only now starting to roll Windows 7 out over their networks. I don't think that many corporate customers will be falling over themselves to get Windows 8 on their networks.

    Time will tell, but I'm sure Microsoft will be working on a few tweaks as we speak in order to make the Windows 8 experience on desktops/ laptops a more pleasant one than is presently the case. They are now getting real feedback from real people, not just developers with their heads stuck in the clouds most of the time. It is up to Microsoft to decide if they want to listen to what people in the real world are saying about Windows 8 or not. That decision will make or break Windows 8.
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    This OS is growing on me.Learning the little tricks to get around really helps.I not a fan of the Metro tiles ,kind of ugly but not that big a deal.
    Right now I'm more inclined to use windows7.We all like what is familar.It will be interesting to see how this OS fares on the market.I think that sales may be a bit slow since windows7 has just recently starting to replaceXP for a lot of businesses.Also does any business want tiles for music,photo's,facebook,twitter?I know they can be removed but it's not a selling point for business.
    I think the kids will love this OS.It seems to be built for them.
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    As somewhat of a power user I too was dismayed by all the metro stuff. The bottom line is you can pretty much ignore it if you would like. There are (will be) registry patches to keep it turned off. As for shutting down or rebooting the computer you can use Steve Gibson's wizmo GRC*|*WIZMO - Steve's Windows Gizmo** I've been using it for over 10 years on all my windows computers.

    As for the new start menu... its interesting... moving from XP to Vista/Win7 the start menu got more compressed. There were, of course, hacks to get the XP version back. Now the Start menu has taken over all of my 1920x1200 24" monitor. Crazy!

    And the same problem with the metro apps, all those pixels to play music or get financial data. And you can't even turn them off without going to the Task Manager. How about a 1-click option to dump the whole metro part of the operating system :-)
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    Nuff said. We got the thing and now we have to try to make the best of it. If you think that our comments will change the MS development plan one iota, you are dreaming. The guys at Redmond have completely different problems - like making this thing work correctly on ARM processors. They can care less whether we love or hate the Metro. That is the prescribed medicine and that's what we are supposed to swallow - and I am sure, over time everybody will.

    Some guys are dreaming and will wait for Win 9 - what do you think that is going to be: More Metro. But there are always alternatives - high priced Apple or the Linux command line are good options.
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    Something tell me they gone care one day, when many peoples and corporations will not make the move, like what happen with Vista, they gone fail the Phone market, the tablet is a limited market, many peoples want a computers to go read the news on the web, to communicate with other peoples, to FB, many of them are not young and need a keyboard and a mouse. The members of this forum know about computers, they will adjust, but look around you, your parents, peoples who work with you,are they as much computer literate as you, I don't think so , it's not my case. This will be the Waterloo of Microsoft. I show it this morning to my best customer, he ask me if it will not be better to make the move too Mac for is 25 computers in his offices, because is great children all have iPhone, iPod and many of them have iPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaisekraft View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by WindowsStar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post

    I don't know where you were at the time. I have lived thru the whole Win7 Beta and never heard such a statement. If I remember right, there was nothing but praise. Maybe there were a few guys that made derogative comments who only knew Win7 from hearsay - the same crowd like the one in the Mojave project.
    +1 I never heard any bad things about Windows 7 while testing and I was in it from the very start.
    You can go google early reviews and find people complaining about W7 almost as bad as people complain about W8. It's there, it happened, and it happened frequently.
    Would you be so kind to post your search results? I did a google search and did find some minor issues in the begining but for the most part everyone loves Windows 7. Even when they start out compaining they find there was a mistake or a setting that needed to be changed and then everything was good.

    Look in this forum too: General Windows 7 complaints - Windows 7 Forums
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    Quote Originally Posted by overhard View Post
    I think the kids will love this OS.It seems to be built for them.
    That may well be the case but in my house it isn't them that's paying for software or hardware. In these economic times I will not be buying them tablets just so they can have fun on Windows 8 to please Microsoft and help drag its share value back up [32.08 -0.22 (-0.67%) 2 March 1012]. I think a lot other people will also be thinking the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    You can make W8 incredibly slick -- you can get rid of 90% of the tiles if you just want to see a few apps -- and by selecting File Location you can then send the app as a short cut to your desktop - or the task bar or both.

    I never did like having a cluttered desktop -- the Taskbar is a good idea - simple and quick.
    Then what's the point of Metro? I've cleared out all the crap from the Metro screen (which is just about everything) and don't use it except to go to the desktop or grab a seldom-used program unpinned anywhere else, just like I did with the old Start Button menu. With 8, I'm doing very little that I wasn't doing with 7. Maybe some incredible apps down the road will change that, but I'm having a difficult time trying to think what they could be. Even so, with all the programs I'm loading on the Metro screen, and if there are incredible apps that pop up down the road, I'm gonna run into the giant mess of icons in my face that I never wanted in the first place - and which MS itself started offering ways to get rid of years ago. I don't think people realize how backwards, in this respect, MS is travelling with 8.
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    The Simpson's fans will remember this car designed by Homer.

    Full of modern ideas.

    This is Windows 8.

    Click image for larger version
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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