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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    It will flop due to false information spread by stupid people. Windows 8 is a new OS which requires re-learning and is too much trouble for dopes.

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    Changing from any version to something newer is always a learning curve. But how MS went about this type of major gui change is what will meet with rejection by many and make it flop more then anything else.

    The rest is when someone gets 8 on and then wants to revert back to the previous version they were running from a huge disappointment. It's not so much "finding your way around" as it is the additional steps needed in order to take care of the common tasks you do regularly making the experience one to regret. It's best labeled as "Awkward" for the most part.

    The market depends on satifying the customer or it simply doesn't sell. It won't matter how good or bad something is if the consumer isn't getting what they are looking for in any way, shape, or form. With Vista people simply didn't understand that Windows grew in size as MS realized finally and came out with MinWin kernel to replace the bloat rep the previous version saw.

    But at the same time people weren't paying attention to the improvements in stablility and security for that version. And would you believe many have gone back to Vista after being disappointed with 7?! You can be sure they will be less likely to even look at 8 upon seeing the gui upheaval.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Panoid View Post
    It will flop due to false information spread by stupid people. Windows 8 is a new OS which requires re-learning and is too much trouble for dopes.
    And just what makes you think you're so smart?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Panoid View Post
    It will flop due to false information spread by stupid people. Windows 8 is a new OS which requires re-learning and is too much trouble for dopes.
    Don't think it's fair to call many of the folks stupid people and in my experience re-learning is never a problem provided there are some real world benefits. Those benefits vary from individual to individual hence some are going to implement 8 and others will not. MS IMO have failed to get across those benefits to the ordinary desktop/laptop user.

    I'm sure if you're in the market for a phone/tablet then maybe MS will do well. Only time will tell on that one. Where MS made it's biggest mistake was to remove the option for either 'classic' or 'metro' UI at install time. By going down this route they automatically alienated a huge number of people. MS are suffering from fruit company envy. They've seen how much Apple earn from downloaded apps and they also want a slice of the cloud computing market. I have no interest in downloading apps or cloud computing.

    I don't have a problem with companies making a profit as without profit then development stops and that's not a good scenario for any of us. But to try and force feed a UI that many do not want is extremely poor market research. MS are living in a bubble over this and time will tell. To suggest though that it will fail due to 'stupid' people and 'dopes' is neither fair or reasonable.

    There are many experienced contributors to this forum and whatever their opinion, I wouldn't call them stupid.
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    The thread starter pined quite well most of the issues on this biggest downgrade ever, worse that Vistaís. You may like it, agree or not, but they are hard facts. However he just missed one point: this OS is simply a marketing hoax. MS is losing grip on the market because their portables are selling far behind other brands. They planned this OS in order to attract customers to buy their products. Just look at this objectively. They are doomed to fail and will have to look for other strategies. This OS does have many updates to follow communication advances and modernization methods and facilities, but it is a real downgrade in all other ways.

    Regarding the controversial tiles menu, they donít even give an option to customers, just make you accept it. The tiles menu is clearly exceptionally good for small hand-held portables, but not appropriate for desktops. Other opinions are just that. Donít agree? Just wait and the time will show you. Fortunately, that can be corrected with applications like Classic Shell, Pokki, StartMenu X and others, but no option is given from MS because they want to push people hard.

    Windows 95 was a big change also, but immediately accepted by everyone because everything in it was intuitive, better and well conceived. Now we are facing something that is nothing of that. So the problem is not because people has to get used to it. Everyone always accept and almost immediately get used to progress, but this is downgrade in every way, like graphics, accessibility, configuration and personalization to name just those immediately jumping at you.

    By the way, Free Software Foundation marked their presence at MS big show in NY and many have received their e-mail as follows.

    Our volunteer, Tristan Chambers, was there and caught the whole thing on camera! Pictures here: GNUs trick-or-treat at Windows 8 launch — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software.
    Reporters and security guards at the event weren't sure how to react when they were greeted by a real, live gnu. The gnu -- which, on closer inspection, was an activist in a gnu suit -- had come for some early trick-or-treating. But instead of candy, she had free software for the eager journalists. The gnu and the FSF campaigns team handed out dozens of copies of Trisquel, a fully free GNU/Linux distribution, along with press releases and stickers. Once they got over their confusion, the reporters were happy to see us and hear our message -- that Windows 8 is a downgrade, not an upgrade, because it steals users' freedom, security and privacy.
    Free software operating systems are the real upgrade, and they don't need a zillion-dollar launch event to prove it. To show Microsoft that their ads won't change our minds, we're starting an upgrade pledge: switch to a free OS, or if you're already using one, help a friend switch. We can pay Microsoft a chunk of change for their new, proprietary OS, or we can stand up for our freedom. The choice isn't as hard as Microsoft wants you to think.
    Sign the pledge now! -- Pledge to Upgrade to Free Software — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
    And yes, there is a privacy ultrage on pushing pub into the OS. We are yet to see how the European Union will take that abuse. They have already taken decisions against not so shouting matters like browser choice (as was pushed by Micrsoft IE), tracking cookies and permanent login (eg:. Yahoo).
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    I have no problem with learning how to use new programs. However the metro UI is the equivalent of installing cancer cells for my OS. Its not a case of simply learning how to use it, it is absolutely terrible to use.

    Moving my mouse cursor to a corner is far less practical and much slower than simply having a start button on the task bar with all the same functions would be. Most of the time I move my cursor to the corner and nothing even happens. Another bad thing is that if you do open a metro screen app, theres no way to close it other than using task killer (no X button to click to close like a window, escape key doesnt work, and getting back to the start screen takes 20x longer than it should do).
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    The main problem of Windows 8 is this guy, he don't understand that our desktop is not what he hold in his hand, Windows 8 will be great if the Metro Crap Start Page will be re sizable and can run in a window with also re sizable icon , but look at hin, he is too much in his bubble to think about other peoples and he is actually see him self as the next Steve Jobs , wait the boar of Microsoft see the sales he will need a new job

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    One may or may not like Metro.

    I don't care.

    What I don't like is MS trying to control everything - removing choices.

    If they get away with this - the future looks very bleak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Panoid View Post
    Windows 8 is a new OS which requires re-learning and is too much trouble for dopes.
    I like that.
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    SIW2 , the futur ? , this is what I post on another forum, and it explain why Microsoft panic

    Google is killing the PC and Microsoft.

    It's not for nothing that Microsoft try since many years to win the search engine war: For many years Microsoft sell OS, Offices and other software for individual PCs, they make billions with it. Early as 2005 Bill Gates realize than one day peoples will stop to use PC and they will use utilities like cloud computing, look at what happen after, Microsoft race against Google, they lost. Google release Android making company sell millions of Android phones, Microsoft lost the market and not try desperately to regain the market by forcing peoples to use a Phone interface in their PC( Windows 8 ) . Microsoft try Office 365, but it cost more than Google Apps and even more if you want a version of Office with it. So now Microsoft is in the race for the Cloud domination, they are few step at the back of Google. Even Valve realize that, it's not for nothing they want to port their games to Linux because if Google and Microsoft succeed to kill the PC, nothing will be left for Valve ( Steam ) to make money.

    Think about it in a not so far future, you may rents all your software for you cloud terminals , play all your game on a console cloud terminals, the PC will be extinct, like the typewriter and the vacuum tube.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.
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