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    Southern California
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x64

    Hey mate,

    You need to reinstall the drivers. If you do not know where to go, please click 'my system specs' at the bottom of your post and update all your specs. Use this helpful tool if you need to: System Info - See Your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums

    After you fill them out (according to the tool), I can direct you where to go

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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Hi Barbee, Follow the instructions below it is much easier then option one.

    To Use SF Debug Tool

    NOTE: SF Debug Tool created by John (z3r010).

    1. Click/tap on the Download button below to download the file below.
    2. Save the .bat file to your desktop, and unblock it.

    3. Right click on the .bat file, and click/tap on Run as administrator.

    4. If prompted by UAC then, click/tap on Yes (Windows 7/8) or Continue (Vista).

    5. A command prompt will now open to get the required information from your system, save the information into a file on your desktop, and close.

    6. In your BSOD post, upload the file into your post.
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    My computer is a ASUS and I went to their site and they offer the following downloads but I'm scared to try them. Can you tell me what they are and if they will help... or should I await ASUS to contact me. I have a feeling they will just point me to this site.

    There are 3 download servers available on ASUS Download Site - Global, China and P2P. Each server provides exact the same content no matter where you download from, except for the speed which you are connected to.

    31 files found

    BIOS (4)
    Version 0403
    Description M11BB BIOS 0403
    Improve system stability.
    File Size
    3,17 (MBytes) 2014.01.14 update
    Download from
    Global (DLM) Global

    Version 0307
    Description M11BB BIOS 0307
    Improve system stability.
    File Size
    3,16 (MBytes) 2013.08.22 update
    Download from
    Global (DLM) Global

    Version 0306
    Description M11BB BIOS 0306
    Improve system stability.
    File Size
    3,16 (MBytes) 2013.05.29 update
    Download from
    Global (DLM) Global

    Version 0303
    Description M11BB BIOS 0303
    First release Bios
    File Size
    3,15 (MBytes) 2013.04.17 update
    Download from
    Global (DLM) Global

    BIOS-Utilities (1)
    Chipset (1)
    AUDIO (1)
    LAN (1)
    Utilities (1)
    Wireless (1)
    SATA (1)
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    It's always good to run latest drivers/bios, but going strictly by odds, something needs to be removed instead of updated.

    On the other hand, maybe you will luck out and have a case with lesser odds that updating can fix. Very possible, but doubtful.

    certainly, the issue does not even involve ASUS or their software at all.

    The only way to clearly diagnose and fix the machine is for you to somehow muster the ability to get us the crash dumps. Anything else is just random guesses/speculation and that's a poor way to attempt to fix a machine when it not need be.
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    I will try to do it. It did not need to be unblocked.... I opened it and got this: See upload.
    Clock Watchdog Attached Files
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    You'll want to download & Install this.. Choose the Global option.

    Click image for larger version

    More to follow.

    Make sure you disable Trend Micro before you attempt to install it.

    Do the same for each category: Audio, LAN, SATA, Wireless, Chipset.

    All the drivers need to be updated.
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    I'm afraid that you might have much trouble with this, but I will post anyhow:

    1) Delete this file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\

    ArcSoftKsUFi ArcSoft Magic-I Visual Kernel 4/3/2008 6:09:14 AM

    Then delete its subkey in Regedit at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services


    ALTERATIVELY - Just uninstall all Arcsoft software and reboot.


    Uninstall Trend Micro software then use the removal tool for it as well. Set Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to Automatic and start them too, using services.msc.
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    This is scary. I Googled how to turn off Trend Micro and it is very complicated too. Why can't anything be easy? OK found an easier way than what TM suggests. I'll d/l now.

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    Well, you're just going to have to make a choice then between a crappy crashing machine and a good one. Best of luck.
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    Sorry Master, I'm sure your advice is good, but a bit beyond my computer capabilities. Thank you very much for trying to help.

    I am just awaiting where to install these files. Staying off the Internet until I know if I can turn on TM yet.
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Clock Watchdog
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