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How do I change Windows 8.x into a Windows 7 look alike?

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    Windows 7 Professional, SP1, 64 bit.

    How do I change Windows 8.x into a Windows 7 look alike?


    I am running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit and like it!

    However, if I should decide to change to Windows 8.1, how do I make it function similar to Windows 7?

    Is there a guide available?

    For example:

    1) I do not want any of my data on the cloud, nor a Microsoft Account (i.e. Microsoft OneDrive.)
    2) What Mail Client would I use?
    3) What Media Player?
    4) How can I get rid of the Charms Bar?
    5) Straight boot to Desktop and need Start Menu with fly-out. Best suggestion?
    6) Is there a program that can change everything in one sweep for people who like Windows 7?
    7) What about enabling Aero?
    8) Is Windows 8 really worth it or should I stay with Windows 7?

    Many thanks!


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    Aero can be enabled after a fashion. But it amounts to an empty caption bar with a thin line frame. Really weird to drag with the mouse. If you really like Glass run Windows Seven.

    Unless there's something 8 you just need then I'd stay with Seven.
    Technically W8 has GPT partition support etc.. but while that's a step to support huge drives in the future it can also limit what other OS can coexist with it when you take Secure Booting also into account.

    I got a Laptop with W8 preloaded. It runs fine out of the box. But I really miss the Glass. Especially since I wrote a few of my own programs that use Glass. They look like gray mud on W8.

    Edit: In fact I'll show you one of my programs. A screen shot how it looks on W7 and one how it looks on W8. I'll let you decide which is which.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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How do I change Windows 8.x into a Windows 7 look alike?
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