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Laptop goes to black screen after booting windows 8.1

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    windows 8.1

    i had the same problem only in my case , i have Hybrid GPU setup with intel Graphics HD 4000 and the nVIDIA GEFORCE 630m

    i have the same error in the event log

    tried all the isntalltion options of the drivers HP / windows automatic install / Intel safe mode with and without networkig and it failed

    i have the smae issue for other devices for which icannot isntal their drivers in any given method standoalone or automatic

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    Windows 8.1


    So, i got my computer working again. Here is how i did.

    I bought an SSD, installed it into my computer with a clean version of windows on it, everything started working.
    Now, you might not necessarly have to buy a new harddisk, but what i would recomend, would be to make a full erase of the harddisk you already have, and then reinstall windows.

    Perhaps, if possible, it would help to uninstall any graphic drivers, and then reinstall an old version, and start working your way through, until fully updated again.

    *Fix may cost money

    For the curiuos, the SSD i bought was Samsungs 840 PRO edition with 256 gb on it.
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Laptop goes to black screen after booting windows 8.1
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