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Tiles just flash on and off together, can't access anythin

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    Tiles just flash on and off together, can't access anythin

    HP laptop i5 Radeon graphics Windows 8. When it it starts up and you log in the tiles just keep flashing on and off together and you can't use any apps or do anything. There are no error messages. It will not boot into safe mode with f8. When you go to troubleshooting. It will not let you use system restore it says preparing system restore then the screen goes black with just the cursor, which still moves. It will not let you use refresh or repair, the same thing happens. The hard drive appears to be doing something and the machine gets hot but after 1hour the screen is still black and it appears just to be hanging. I cannot access command prompt either. Any ideas on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is trying to tell you that Metro sucks. Now honestly the problem would be with bad Graphics chipset display drivers. Go into the Desktop, then press the Window Key along with the X key. Look for the item titled "Control Panel" in that menu list. In Control Panel open up "Device Manager".

    In Device Manager, click on "Display Adapter", and then on the adapter, left click and choose "Uninstall". When you reboot, Windows should load the default display adapter.

    Most likely when Windows/Microsoft update ran, it pulled a wonky display driver from Microsoft's download repository.

    Now we just need to get you out of the Metro interface, by having you use either Classic Shell, or Start8 & Metro Mix. The last two you can get from Stardock Corporation
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Tiles just flash on and off together, can't access anythin
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