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Shadows (artifacts) showing on my Desktop

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    Shadows (artifacts) showing on my Desktop

    May be hard to see:

    Click image for larger version

    Especially noticeable to the right of the House icon. This just started today or yesterday.

    I tried rolling back the video driver but that messed up the computer. The desktop started flashing and only the Taskbar showed. I booted to repair menu by doing a Shift Click on restart then did a System restore to the 20th. It fixed the flashing problem but the shadow is still there.

    I'm wondering if this could be a problem with my display. It's a HP w2207. I guess the easy way to find out is boot to BIOS Setup and see if there are shadows or boot a live Linux CD and see if there are shadows.

    Anything else I should try?

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    Are you sure that it is not something else that is causing the shadow on icons. As for the driver, need what the model of the computer is, not the monitor. I personally would just uninstall the driver for that monitor, and just use the generic PNP monitor driver that Windows installs.

    Try installing the non-HP video chipset driver, and see if that corrects the issue. I find that monitor drivers are not the best to do, unless there is something specialized you need them (ie medical x-rays or documents, photo editing, etc). Normal every day use, the generic monitor driver works.
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    Booted to BIOS setup and the shadowing is there as well so not a driver issue.

    I hooked up my old 15" LCD and the shadows are gone so it looks like it's the LCD display itself. Bummer.

    Time to go buy a new 22" (or more) I guess.
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    Just replaced the HP W2207 with a ACER S230HL. Shadows are gone and I gained an inch
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    Interestinger (sic): Took the HP w2207 display into the shop and it worked perfectly, no shadows.
    Brought it home and connected it and again, no shadows???

    Simply disconnecting and reconnecting the VGA cable fixed it, or was it the routing of the VGA cable maybe. Anyway, about to take the new 23" back to Walmart. That's a $175 I don't need to spend.

    If/when I do buy a new display, I think I'll get a small 24" TV with HDMI input as my Lenovo K450 had a HDMI connector.
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Shadows (artifacts) showing on my Desktop
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