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PC is not turning on after playing Battlefield 4

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    PC is not turning on after playing Battlefield 4

    Hello, I'm CrazyKilla.

    I was playing Battlefield 4 for about 15 minutes, after I was finished I closed the game and my PC just died, as if I got a blue screen without the actual blue screen, fan speed of psu went to max and stayed that way until I restarted it multiple times, none of those times did it actually boot or display anything on the monitor.
    Now when I start up my pc it turns on but nothing happens, display doesn't even come on and keyboard and mouse light up and turn off again. What's up with this?

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    Hi CrazyKilla,

    Do you get any beep sound when the PC is booting up. Try to reseat all the RAM sticks back to slots. Check for any loose cables inside the cabinet. Start the PC without any peripheral (Keyboard only).

    Keep us posted.
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    In addition,

    Power supply took a #2 it sounds like.

    It would be a good idea to test the system with another one if you can pull one out of another machine or if you just have a spare one around.

    Before doing that, unplug the machine from the wall for a bit then try it again.
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    your Ram And CPU and GPU may not have reached the minimum requirement for the game i think
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    Opened up the machine and checked some cables, found nothing, plugged in power and display cable and it booted, first time before hitting the lig in screen I got really weird RGB matrixy style glitches, rebooted and now it's in the log in screen, seems to be very low default resolution (1024 x 768). Opened up Nvidia experience and I had to reinstall drivers. Everything seems to be koolasice now. Technology is so unreliable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazykilla View Post
    Technology is so unreliable.
    Glad you got it going again well.

    ehhh, I wouldn't say that though. All of my machines are extremely reliable. Usually I have months of uptime on them, until I can't bare to not reboot anymore, so Windows Update completes. Or if I'm tinkering and need to reboot etc...

    If something like that happens again (and if you think you can tackle it) - take apart the system entirely and rebuild it from scratch.
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    So installation failed, asked to restart my pc so I did, back to step one with pc not booting or displaying anything.
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    Could this be a problem with the gpu? I just bought this thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midou35000 View Post
    your Ram And CPU and GPU may not have reached the minimum requirement for the game i think
    I have all the recommended hardware for it.
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    FFS. Switched monitor cable from Dvi-I to Dvi-D and back, booted and it works again, display res is max again (1920 x 1200) and drivers are installed. I'll report back if something goes wrong again.
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PC is not turning on after playing Battlefield 4
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