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Windows 8 Upgrade Question

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    Windows 8 Upgrade Question

    Hello all.
    Excuse me for what may be a maybe silly question but I have no idea the answer.
    I own a legit original Windows 8 Pro upgrade disk both 32 and 64 bit and genuine serial number.
    I currently use Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop 64 bit.
    Am I able to install this upgrade, learn to use it and then after I am confident install it over my work desktop which runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit?
    I would of course remove the upgrade from my laptop beforehand.
    Is this legal or do I need to purchase another Windows 8 upgrade disk and serial?
    Thank you for your asssistance.

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    Yes you are. You may have to re-authenticate though. The upgrade keys can also be used (with a little fiddling) for a clean install if you so desire. Personally I had 7 Pro and paid €380 to upgrade to 7 Ultimate (I needed the language). I then paid only €15 to upgrade to 8 which works for clean installs of 8.1 also. The prices are odd but there you are. The ultimate upgrade was very expensive - the windows 8 was a bargain.
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    Thank you adamf,
    I assume re-authenticate means after upgrade the second time, I will have to ring Microsoft Australia?
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    Not really. I'm originally UK English - I phoned the UK as it was easier for me than trying to speak French to a robot. Up to you. I think I'd go for UK rather than Aus.

    If you have a licence then you can call MS and they will authenticate your windows for you. There are so many people who steal that if you are being honest they are OK about it. In my experience.

    And you can use Skype so the call is free anyway.
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    Ok, thanks so much, I appreciate your assistance.
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    I had to phone them myself. Perhaps you will not have to.
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Windows 8 Upgrade Question
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