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explorer forgets sort order

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    explorer forgets sort order

    I have many folders (with a couple of thousand files) configured to display sorted by date. When using software and needing to open a file from within the program, it opens what looks like an Explorer window. However, the sort order is always by name initially and it takes a minute or so to suddenly display in the correct sort order as specified in Windows itself.

    If I repeat this a few minutes later it goes through the routine all over again!

    Running explorer from win8 itself is no problem, it remembers the sort order. Is there a way to make third party software that calls up an explorer window do the same please?

    Incidentally having given up on the truly slow and clumsy windows search function, I installed Search Everything and it is instant and reliable. Why can't Microsoft Search be like that?

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    Search Everything only looks for files and folders. It is not capable of looking inside files for specific data. To find things, all it does is look at the pre-generated index of files and folders.

    I'm not knocking it, I use it all the time but it is not a true search program.
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    Thanks but all I want is to find files not search inside them. That is surely what the majority of people require isn't it? It would make sense if MS split their "search" function into two in that case, one being for file name entries only. In any case my problem of programs not managing the windows explorer window properly is my main concern.
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explorer forgets sort order
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