I have my OS on an SSD, and I have been recording TV to my Storage Space made up of a 4TB,2TB and 1TB drive. It should be more than fast enough to record several streams. But about two weeks ago I started getting stuttering and last night I fired up performance monitor and my Storage Space is pegged out at 100 percent usage. I don't remember for sure but the process hitting it was ehrcvr or on of the other EH processes. I set my recording drive to the SSD and I didn't have an issue.&nbsp;<br><br>Funny thing is I run Hyper V 2012 at work and whenever I go to a meeting and hit the WiFi and my PC updates my machine becomes useless after about a half hour. That system shows a TIworker process killing the Hard Drive.<br><br>I'm getting real close to dumping 8 for 7. The only reason that I went with 8 was for storage spaces.&nbsp;<br><br><br>