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How to change default apps installing path?

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    How to change default apps installing path?

    Hello everyone,

    I always wanted to make a small partition for the OS and use the rest of my HDD to store my apps and files but I couldn't format my PC as I had nowhere to back-up my work projects and files I'll need. So finally, I got an external HDD yesterday so I jumped quick on my PC to back-up my files and format (Note that my DVD reader is broken so I performed a clean install from a Partition where I stored Windows 8.1).

    Everything went smooth but whenever I want to install a software or something, it default path is on A: (A: is the symbol of the small partition where I installed the OS). I want to install all my apps and store everything on the C: partition (Which is the main partition that have 550GBs).

    I already changed the ProgramFilesDir's on the Regedit but whenever I want to install a software it still shows up as "A:" and even after manually changing it to C: the software doesn't lunch.

    I'm also having another problem, after installing Windows 8.1, when my PC boots up it asks me from where I'd like to boot (Windows 8.1 or Windows 8). I want to delete that Windows 8 thing so it automatically boots on Windows 8.1.

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    Hi, Welcome to forums.

    What was the entry you made changes to in the registry?

    You have to go here. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersionDouble click on the value ProgramFilesDir in the box type the path that you want as defualt and you are done
    Restart to see Effects

    Or, you can try this tutorial User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    It is not a good idea to install apps to a separate partition.
    You won't gain anything and,,,, in other words, if you have to reinstall Windows, you will have to reinstall all the applications again anyway. It won't save you from having to do that. Unless you are using Portable Apps.
    The way security has changed in Win8 will cause security and possibly other issues
    when trying to bypass the default location of Program Files folders.
    Not a good idea.

    Storing Files is a different story, and Archer posted the recommended tutorial for doing so.
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How to change default apps installing path?
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