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Windows 8.1 resets boot order on boot

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    Windows 8.1/Kubuntu 13.10

    Windows 8.1 resets boot order on boot

    Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes.

    I have Kubuntu 13.10 and Windows 8.1 installed on separate drives on my computer. Dual-booting through the Linux bootloader works fine, as in I can boot either Win8.1 or Linux without incident. However, whenever I boot Windows, it resets itself to the highest boot priority, and always re-adds a boot entry if I remove it. My question is, how can I get it to stop doing this? I can temporarily fix it through Linux, but I'd really like to stop it permanently, as it's starting to become a pain.

    EDIT: It turns out my problem was related to a duplicate entry for Ubuntu. If you're having this problem and have tried to install Linux a couple of times, check to make sure that you only have one entry for it.
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    Just make sure that in your BIOS, the first boot device is the UEFI device, was KuBuntU overwriting that in the dupe entry? Or was Windows doing it?

    Since the removal of the Boot.ini file, I have had trouble keeping it all straight. Always in the past I could use the Boot.ini file to set my Boot OSes, but now you have to use BCDedit.

    There are some 3rd party apps that allow you to set it to what you want, but they are paid programs. Check the Tutorials section for ways to set your Preferred Boot. One thing I have found is that if you have Windows 7 installed on one drive, and you add another drive and install Windows 8 on it fresh, it puts the Boot Entries on the Windows 7 drive. That's how my Media computer ended up, the Windows 8 OS is on a 750 GB drive, but the boot loader for 8 is on a 250 GB IDE drive that has Win 7 on it. So if the IDE drive is removed, it won't boot.

    This does not happen if you install the OSes while no other drives are added, the boot sectors will be on the drives holding the OS. I took out all other drives from my main computer and then upgraded to Windows 8 from 7, after I put the other drivers back in, I got the old Black Boot Loader screen, so when I choose 8, it reboots, shows me the Windows 8 Loader, then continues.

    Finally, I set the Windows 8 loader to Legacy mode - The Tutorials show you how, just search for "Legacy Boot Mode" - This might be good for your system, also you can get to Safe Mode a lot easier as well as choose between Kubuntu and 8.
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Windows 8.1 resets boot order on boot
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