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Highlight misspelled words will not disable

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    Highlight misspelled words will not disable

    My x86 win 8.1 desktop continues to highlight misspelled words, wether this option is enabled or disabled in Settings, PC and Devices, Typing or not.

    I have checked the relevant registry keys, and both values are 0.

    The only cause I can think of is Skydrive Sync my settings across devices..
    When I initially added a device, a Surface 2, settings on both machines differed, and then I enabled Sync on both.

    It's a small annoyance, but that little red squiggly line is really beginning to bug me o_o

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    Hi Gossy, Welcome to EightForums.

    My suggestion would be to delete all your sync data to ensure it is not being restored on the machine.


    After you have deleted the sync data try the registry edit again to ensure it is set properly. Restart or logoff to apply the setting.

    Link: Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    Hi ectech, thanks =]

    Alas, no joy so far..
    I've done your suggestion - noticed no changes to the situation.
    Only MS core applications are affected - applications like OneNote, Mail, IE11, etc.
    Highlight misspellings just refuses to die..

    I've tried removing languages from Windows - this windows 8, updated to 8.1, is originally a Dutch version btw, don't know if this might be relevant or not.. When I installed, I added English as primary language, installed its language pack etc. Dutch is set as secondary.
    Oddly enough, the OS interface is entirely English, except during startup it will say welcome in Dutch..

    When I removed the Dutch language pack, I was prompted to update a whole lot of Metro apps - all MS. When all changes I made proved pointless, I reinstalled the Dutch language as secondary, and was then again prompted to update all of the same Metro apps.

    Three MS engineers over at the Microsoft Community are stumped by this issue also..

    The only thing I can think of is somewhere along the line some update messed things up.. Without having a clear idea when exactly this issue started, don't think there is any alternative to reinstalling the OS once again cleanly =/ and hope that clears it up, unless someone here has a lightbulb moment for me ^^

    Note - things actually got worse lol.. Now another Keyboard has been added for some mysterious reason ( English, US keyboard ) which does nót show in keyboard settings of the desktop, nor is it something which is on the surface 2 ( Sync settings on again now..)

    Just when you thought some work is taken off your hands if a reinstall is needed through Skydrive Sync and backup of settings, along comes a bug =S
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Highlight misspelled words will not disable
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