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Slow Searching After Moving User Directory

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    Slow Searching After Moving User Directory

    I recently got a new laptop and have just installed Windows 8 onto it clean, I then upgraded to 8.1. Everything has been running perfectly but the HDD has two partitions so I wanted to put all my personal documents and files on a separate partition to my programs and Windows.

    I achieved this by creating a new Admin account and moving the user's folder to the other partition and then I modified the path to my personal documents via regedit. Everything went according to plan and works fine so far.

    However, one side effect of doing this seems to be that the live search found by hovering over the right hand side of the screen is now incredibly slow. Even keystrokes into the search bar suffer from some kind of lag and once a search query has been input it takes around 20-30 seconds to display results.

    I have logged into the temporary account I used to move my personal documents and the search is fine on that so I'm guessing it's something to do with having the account on a separate HDD partition to the Windows files and folders.

    If anyone could help get my search back to it's original speed whilst still having my personal documents on separate partition to the Windows directory then I'd be very grateful

    Thanks in advance!

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    You could try forcing the Search to index the file system again.

    For NTFS file systems I like to use Everything Search. It has a speed advantage because it reads info directly from the MFTs. That's why it only works on NTFS.
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    Add folder to indexing

    As mentioned earlier, force the search to index the files, after that you should be fine.
    Simply go to Control Panel->Indexing Optioins Click "Modify" and add the folders or even the harddrive to the list of indexed places.

    Allow the system some time to index your files - depending on the amount of data and whether its a hdd or ssd this can take up to hours. Once the indexing is done check if the search is fast again ; )
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Slow Searching After Moving User Directory
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