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    CP bugs

    Think I found a bug already.

    Can't seem to deselect updates. Well, you can one way and can't the other.

    During setup set to deal with updates later on.

    Set updates to

    Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
    Check Recommended updates, and Microsoft Updates for other products.

    Want to deselect any single or all updates, and then press the back button (which should still hold the deselected value for you but doesn't) and the updates aren't deselected anymore. They're back to being selected. WTF.

    There isn't an OK button at the bottom like in Windows 7. It's just an Install button, so you can't deselect and then press OK to have it save the value as in Windows 7.

    Doesn't really make sense to me.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    Only way is to go from here, deselect them all, then pick which ones you want from there.
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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CP bugs
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