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This site has grown!

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    This site has grown!

    Amazing how much 8 forums has grown even the last six months. I guess 8/8.1 is not being accepted much. (sarcasm)

    Windows is still the cross platform system IMO. I use DosBox, VMWare Player and other emulators if I need something old to work. So many programs written for Windows.

    If you are a business geek or number cruncher I suppose other systems are fine (Linux). If you play games or many other things on your computer, Windows is the only way to go. I won't even mention the fruit (apple) system.

    Some are predicting the end of Windows, MicroSoft, whatever. I highly doubt it myself.

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    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    I put off buying Windows 8 until I did a new system build in Dec, and even then I came very close to just installed my Windows 7 64 bit. Really just days before I did the build I ordered a copy of Windows 8.1 64 bit.

    I was pleasantly surprised, yes took some adjustments at first , but now have adjusted to it fairly well and I really like it.
    Booting an SSD drive running full UEFI with Windows 8.1 fast boot, is amazing...
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    Vista and Win7

    8.1 is a good system - BUT, I doubt that it will be widely accepted. For the average Joe it is just too much of a shock. And the design point was really for tablets - not desktops.

    I like 8.1 on my 10" tablet but for my desktops I will keep 7 - and I think many people will do the same and hope they don't have to buy a new PC.
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    The growth of the forum may indicate people are having lots of problems with 8/8.1.
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    Great people,make great forums.It because of its character that made this particular forum a "great" and continously "blooming" one.Call it huge database,name it polite behaviour or thoughtful coping with any "how do i or what is this" questionary,it works.It must be the same material that made sevenforums a landmark when it comes to troubleshoot OS7 issues.Lots of problems too,we,the simple users,do tend to brake things (new things especially) pretty fast and often,thats where eightforums jumps in to the equation.Keep up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    The growth of the forum may indicate people are having lots of problems with 8/8.1.
    Agreed and the seemingly constant requirement to run the DISM repair command in order to fix problems that should have never occurred in the first place.

    I've had to use the DISM and sfc commands over in networking to fix systems that were having the wireless NIC's completely disappear from the system for no apparent reason, I've had the same problem myself which is the only reason I knew how to fix it.

    This seems to be the Achilles tendon of Windows 8. I certain hope they find a way around this ongoing problem with Windows 9.
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This site has grown!
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