I have a directory of about a 1000 photos each with a varying number of descriptive tags (keywords) assigned to them. If you are serious about managing many pictures, tags are indispensable. It allows you to search and sort all photos in many simple and complex ways. I have been very successful in managing this collection in a Vista computer using Windows Explorer, View tab/Stackby/Tags. I recently copied this collection to my new Windows 8.1 computer and found the “Stack by”, now “Arrange by”, is only functional in Libraries. This has added some inconvenience. But more importantly it appears that the Pictures Library only seems to recognize a maximum of eleven tags per photo. Because of this limitation I now realize that when I try to find photos for certain tags they cannot be found. Secondly, several of the Tag icon groups, scattered throughout the whole set of these groups, have had their valid name replaced by the word “Unspecified”.
Click image for larger version
These tag groups represent real tag groups but when I click on one of these groups (labeled Unspecified) I see the few photos that had no tags assigned to them. I added tags to all of these photos, but the “Unspecified” labels remained and it still takes me to the same screen, but now saying no files found. Further, I have deleted most of the photos that had more than eleven tags and all of the “Unspecified” tag group labels were corrected. (Of course, now missing the photos that I had deleted to test this problem.)

My question is: Is there a way to increase the maximum number of descriptive tags that the Pictures Library will recognize? I realize there are other programs (like Photo Gallery) that have facilities to manage photos with tags but Pictures Library could provide just an additional/valuable perspective on managing photos the other programs don’t have.