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License Agreement issues & how to fix them

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    License Agreement issues & how to fix them

    Hi All!

    My laptop recently returned from getting a new hard drive & it's been "restored to original factory settings". I was told that this means that all that's on it is the Windows 8 OS. I don't know much about PCs, but I DO know about the paranoia that Micro$oft has about permissions & account access related stuff. So you know, I am the Administrator and only user of my laptop. When you explain things will you please give LOTS of details in normal language as I'm not very technical.

    I decided to read the "License Agreement", (I know I shouldn't have done it, but I'm very glad I did), & there were several things mentioned, (and ways to adjust them), but due to inexperience I don't know how to do them. Am I correct in assuming that I have to accept the Agreement first, & then make the changes? I don't want to accept the Agreement if there's a way to avoid the issues first, or if I can make the proper selections during the setup so I don't have to fix these things later. I'll try to explain as best as I can...please keep in mind that I don't know any technical stuff & use lots of details!!!
    Here goes:

    The first issue concerns "Network Awareness". In the agreement it says; "You can switch off the Active Query Feature through a registry setting". How do I access the registry & what's the setting I need to change to do this?

    There is a lengthy paragraph about "IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal Service" (Teredo). It says there is a Firewall Configuration to determine if I want IPv6 connectivity. The rest of the info given made it sound like it was even more intrusive than usual & it was optional. Is it necessary to have IPv6 connectivity, & what would happen if I didn't have it? If I should, what is the Firewall Configuration I need to make to disable it?

    How do I disable error reporting?

    How do I opt-out of Personalized Advertising?

    It mentioned search provider updates & that there is a "one-time update but the software will try several times to update if unsuccessful". Are they referring to Bing, Google, etc or does it mean IE? If so, I use Firefox for my browser & either DuckDuckGo or StartPage for searches, as I don't trust the alternatives. Can/how do I stop this search provider update?

    Finally, as mentioned above, I don't use IE in normal daily use. In all previous PCs I only used it for Windows Updates. Can I do Windows Updates using Firefox instead?

    Well, as you can see, I need LOTS of help. I apologize for sounding stupid, but I'm just a home user who only uses a PC for email, games, watching & listening to streaming media & looking up topics in which I have interest.
    I never even learned how to use Office or Paint or any of the other parts of Windows, but I AM able to follow detailed instructions. I hope some of you can help me.

    Thank you so much for reading my post, (and not laughing too hard), and for any & all instructions you can give me!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!


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    Is it just me or is DogPal a little paranoid, each to their own I suppose!

    Fixing privacy issues
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    To gedstar...

    I'm not "paranoid". I just value the rights that our Constitution clearly states, and something that ALL people should be trying to protect, no matter where they live. May I kindly suggest that everyone should read the License Agreement for Windows 8 in its entirety. There are enough privacy-related holes built in that even an ordinary home-user, like me, should be concerned about. It's easy to put labels like "paranoid" on someone. What should've been done was to offer a word about how to resolve the questions posted, or why the poster doesn't think it's something to worry about. Your post did nothing to help.

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    "May I kindly suggest that everyone should read the License Agreement for Windows 8 in its entirety"

    Due to other commitments, like having a life and enjoying my free time I think I'll give this one a miss.

    With all due respect I doubt many people have ever read the above nor do they really need to in all fairness, let alone any software License Agreement, you would need to be a solicitor to fully understand the jargon that is printed in these.

    If you pay for the software and agree to the License, then there's not a lot to worry about.
    I been working in IT for the last 20 years and have used multiple applications over the years and have never worried about SLA's

    No disrespect to you or anybody else that actually reads and can fully understand software License Agreement's

    Know back to enjoying myself
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License Agreement issues & how to fix them
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