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Problem with StorageSpace and Bitlocker

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    Problem with StorageSpace and Bitlocker

    I had a StorageSpace (resiliency by Parity) under Windows 8.1, that was to small (15 TB - 9.4 TB were used for photos (CR2 and PSD), old images and a lot of virtual machines). On the drive 14.1 TB were used incl. parity. I tried to enlarge it, but the Manager for StoragePools and -StorageSpaces wrote, that the new size (20TB) is invalid. Normally it should be possible to resize the StorageSpace up to 63 TB.
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    So I tried with Powershell
    Get-VirtualDisk | ? {$_.FriendlyName - eq "Data"} | Resize-VirtualDisk -Size 50TB
    I choose to enlarge it so extreme, so I might not need to enlarge it ever again.
    On my litte test szenario (enlarging a StorageSpace from 70 to 140 GB on the same StoragePool also the ResiliencySetting as parity and also encrypted with Bitlocker) it worked fine. After reboot of the system I had to enlarge the drive at disk manager and I had no problem to use the encrypted data.
    But on the real StorageSpace I have trouble: My system told me after I tried to unlock the StorageSpace, that it has to go on with encryption (30% (it means 15 TB of 50TB?)). But when I tried to go on I got a message, that the device is not ready.
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    I set up a new StorageSpace on a differnt StoragePool with the size of 60TB (there is no physical disk large enough to receive the 50TB StorageSpace).
    I tried
    repair-bde D: E: -rp "XX-XX-XX" -LogFile log.txt -Force
    but of course after 1% my drive with the StoragePool was full. I planned to check the recovered data, but the Drive E: (the new StorageSpace) was only RAW. My intention was to check if the command recovered any data, but I had no success.

    Now to my questions:
    1. Is there any chance to recover any data?
    2. Is it really necessary to have 50TB of free space to decrypt 9.4 TB of data?
    3. Is there a way to check if there are data to recover without having 50TB of free space?

    I do not need all the data back. Most of it is really crap. But it would be nice to get al least the last pictures back (80 GB), because I have no JPEGs of them in my backup.

    Update: I tried "repair-bde" again just for a short time (until the target was about 200 GB large) and tried: "check e: /f". Some data were found, but the drive was still RAW so I could not enter the drive. I tried the demo of GetDataBack for NTFS and could see some pictures - but older ones.
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Problem with StorageSpace and Bitlocker
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