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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Alt + F4 will do the trick also.
    I will retain this. It seems to be the easiest solution - if necessary in combination with WIN+D.

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    If you use Brink's links in post #9 to make an Icon, you can make a new toolbar on the Taskbar.

    The advantage to this is that you won't have the Shutdown, Restart, etc. button directly on the taskbar, which may be clicked accidentally.
    With a new toolbar it's two clicks away.

    Click image for larger version

    This may not be the best way, but will work until a better fix is available.

    You can also put the Icon on the Metro Start Screen.

    Click image for larger version

    Be careful, one click will Shutdown/Restart.
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    Once you know where it is, is it really necessary to put a button on the desktop or Metro, surely people dont find it that hard, its what? an extra split second. Anyway I suppose whatever rocks your boat.
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    It's pretty much standard for enthusiasts to make UI changes to suit their needs/wants.

    If anyone wants a button within one or two clicks, why not?

    These methods will help users that want things setup their way.
    For me the Metro Start Screen and Shutdown issues are non-issues, I'm finding the new Start Screen useful.
    Though I prefer to be able to change the icon/app colors and be able to put a picture on the Start Screen, not a deal breaker, just a preference.
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    Try this. Take the zipped folder Win8 shortcuts (attached at the bottom), unzip it somewhere and create a new toolbar using this folder. Keep it shrunk up and just left click on the more (double down arrows). All of the shortcuts you add to the folder will show up. Click on the one you want. You can add or subtract to my list to bring back all of the missing Start menu options. I have included a BUNCH of Win7 shortcuts that work with Win8. More shortcuts can be found at:

    C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

    C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX

    inside the different folders.

    A much more elegant and Metro busting alternative is the True Launch Bar. It works fine under Win8 and I created a menu folder that uses the Win8 shortcuts folder. I also have all of my programs listed here so there is no reason at all for me to go to Metro. (the only thing missing is search and I use Directory Opus (a great Windows Explorer replacement) to do searches).

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger versionAttachment 4242
    shut down Attached Files
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shut down
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