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Increasing corner gestures size?

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    Increasing corner gestures size?

    I'm needing some help on the opposite problem most people have. While most want the corner gestures disabled, I'm actually looking to increase the size.

    Long story short, I'm running an old touch screen in a mobile environment. And while I see great benefit to using Windows 8.1, I'm having issues with getting it to cooperate with my older LCD touch screen. If I could increase the size of the corner gesture, it would solve most my problems.

    I've already increased the MouseCornerClipLength in the registry to 20, which is the max this will go. My screen just doesn't like the small tolerance Microsoft has given to bring up these gestures. I can cheat the calibration to make it work, but then it throws off the whole screen.

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, gsxr1181.

    I believe calibration would relate to adjusting colors, not size. I think this would have more to do with your monitor driver since it’s older and adjusting the “centering” so as to increase the margins so it senses your finger. It probably works good with the mouse, correct?

    Another thing to consider is screen resolution. Have you tried adjusting that? Go to Control Panel > Display or right click the Desktop and choose “Screen resolution”.

    All in all, it may be time to upgrade your monitor.
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Increasing corner gestures size?
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