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syswin7u8.exe -- anyone know of it?

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    syswin7u8.exe -- anyone know of it?

    Picked up malware few days ago, malwarebytes took care of some objects. Tonight cpu was running hot and hard, found this file was doing it(syswin7u8.exe). Googled and only one page about malware came up. Found two directories that didn't belong so deleted them. One was syswin.

    Would like to be sure all is gone. Did full malwarebytes scan and all is well.

    Any other info would be appreciated.

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    Hi,question, do you have any steam games or software installed, if so that could be the program/s causing the problem. Not really sure, albeit some of the search sites suggest that could be the problem. . .good luck.
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    Ouch. Because of that install flash player reference, this could be a Cryptolocker install method.

    Comodo Instant Malware Analysis

    I really would 0 out the drive with Killdisk, then install Windows from scratch.

    That's the proper and professional way to fix this.
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    The original malware I picked up going to look at some pictures and the site asked to install an adobe program -- had not heard of it but stupid me I okeyed it. it did not load so got worried and ran a scan, it found some stuff, got rid of it and all was fine till tonight. I had run a full scan after getting rid of the bad items.

    No steam games or software.

    Will dig some more tomorrow and probably redo a drive.

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    I am posting this in case others try to find info on this beast.

    I got the malware from a user of WebJobHost. It asked to install adobe flash player. I downloaded and ran it, got error
    message so forgot about looking at them. Next night I noticed the cpu running hard. Opened taskmanager and it was
    syswin7u8.exe. I found it and deleted it then found a directory of that name and another directory that did not belong so
    deleted them.

    I searched for the file online and found this link and very little else. Comodo Instant Malware Analysis

    I searched through it and deleted all that it referenced (mostly in temp directories) and found no registry entries that it
    mentioned on my rig.

    I am assuming I am safe after clean malwarebytes and windows defender scans. This is on a windows 8 tablet so if it returns
    nothing serious will be lost.

    I noticed on the comodo listing "documents and settings" which was back a few versions of windows I think so that may be why it
    did not do me any harm -- don't know.

    Thanks for the help offered.
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    You may not be worried about losing the data on the machine, but if you do anything with the machine that you'd want to have privacy about or do things like enter credit card numbers to purchase items, it sill is best to 0 the drive so you are guaranteed security as much as possible.

    Also, any network (other machines on it) that you connect to can be compromised through your machine. That means that it can potentially harm (software-wise) other machines. Will it? Probably not but that's only odds. Definitely possible.

    Other than that, best of luck with it, regardless...and enjoy.
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    Thanks have been considering a redo since I don't have much on this thing.
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syswin7u8.exe -- anyone know of it?
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