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Win 8.1 settings search won't open many of the results

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    Win 8.1 search won't open results

    I've upgraded my computer from Windows 8 (factory-installed) to 8.1 via the online download. I then migrated the partitions to a new SSD via Macrium; I migrated all partitions except my Data (D: ) partition since the SSD wasn't large enough to hold it, and expanded the Windows (C: ) partition to fill the extra space on the SSD.

    The OS seems to work in all but one respect: when I search for a setting or administrative tool (by typing while at the Start screen), I frequently get search results that are non-functional, along with the fully-functional ones. When a search result is non-functional, left-clicking on it does nothing (nothing launches, the search results remain displayed, etc.), and right-clicking on it also does nothing (no context menu with options such as "Pin To Start Menu").

    I've discovered that some of the non-functional results can be launched by searching for them within Control Panel (e.g. Display Settings, Indexing Options, Create And Format Hard Drive Partitions, etc.), so the underlying OS features appear to be alive and well, but launching them from the Search charm appears to be failing.

    I've tried running sfc /scannow and there were no integrity violations found. I've also tried rebuilding the search indices via Indexing Options (launched by searching Control Panel), but saw no change in behavior afterwards.

    I also found this forum thread with apparently the same problem, but no solution was given.

    How can I fix this problem?

    Note: I don't have installation/restore media (Asus doesn't provide them) and I'm still waiting for my 16GB flash drive to arrive so I can make a full backup via Windows, so I haven't yet been willing to try the Reset/Refresh options... (Once I have a full backup that I trust, I'll be willing to give those options a shot if that's the best suggestion anyone has, but I'm hoping that there'll be another option that's less of a sledgehammer anyway.)
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Win 8.1 settings search won't open many of the results
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