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My six month reflection of Windows 8....

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    My six month reflection of Windows 8....

    The time is coming where the future of Windows, the future of Microsoft is at hand. Hooray Consumer Preview!

    But I want to take some time to reflect on this wholly radical change to Windows since DOS to GUI, from Windows 3 to 95.I have to say that I've been using some a couple of programs that already have the metro design scheme going, like the Zune software. That impressed me in how it's so simple, but so vibrant and modern.

    I remember a couple Decembers ago, I was staring at my pretty Windows 7 and looking at the start menu and I wondered, "How can Microsoft top this? How can they make this better that is something worth the upgrade?" The answer of course, Windows 8 and Start Screen. I was impressed by it, it was different, it was new, it was fresh. I'll say I am an adamant defender of metro design and the Start Screen. I still don't fully get some peoples' criticisms of it...

    As much as this is a huge change to Windows, I haven't felt like I've been overwhelmed, but that might just be me. Even the fact the Start flag has been replaced by a logo that truly represents Windows, a window, I actually have come to like it. It makes sense, it's what Windows is, a windowing and now a tiling operating system. But I don't know what to do with my Logitech solar powered wireless keyboard that has the old Start flag.

    Windows 8 to me is the Start of something great in computing technology and how people use such. It's going to expand further mobile, not just to laptops that made out desktops portable, but to touch screen tablets. It's going to bring new input modes, like touch and gesture while keeping keyboards and mice. It's Windows, but reimagined, rebuilt, and ready to make ipads look even more what they are: itouchs for old people.

    Having said that, I'm excited. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the Consumer Preview build. From what I hear, almost 40 percent of the code has been changed since the DP build, WOW! Hopefully the Desktop View has been improved and made more of Windows 8 and not so much 7, but I don't know though, I haven't seen or heard such to suggest that. I'm also excited to see what metro styled apps have been developed. I'm excited to see if I can use a 75 gig SkyDrive soon, or at least set up my puter to be my personal SkyDrive.

    Gosh, it feels like New Year's Eve, WE SO EXCITED!! LOUD NOISES!!! BAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Hopefully the Desktop View has been improved and made more of Windows 8 and not so much 7, but I don't know though, I haven't seen or heard such to suggest that.

    IMO, the only impressive features are the:
    • Reduced RAM footprint
    • Speed (operating, not boot).
    • System Reset options.

    The clock on the "Lock/Login Screen" was a nice addition (long overdue).
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    Reduced RAM footprint
    Speed (operating, not boot).
    System Reset options.
    Just these things would justify a system upgrade for a home user, the problem is with the enterprise enviroment.


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    I have to be a nay-sayer here.
    In my limited playing with the WDP I found myself unimpressed with Metro - but that could be because I'm using Keyboard and Mouse, rather than a touch screen.
    I'm looking forward to the CP with trepidation - it could easily confirm my worst fears, or it could dispel many (but not all) of them.

    Metro was designed with Touch in mind - and more power to it. However, the Enterprise market and the business market in general is unlikely to want to gear towrds Touch before Win9 or 10 come out, both for cost considerations, and because the software for business apps is simply not going to be there until that time.
    As a result, Windows stands to lose a lot of ground, if it alienates the 'traditional' PC user, while panering to the 'device' user. The normal laptop user is going to fell particularly hard-done-by, if Metro doesn't cater to their needs properly. I found it far from intuitive (but then I don't own any touch devices at all!), and not very useful. I can see some advantages to the GUI, but IMO, the iteration in the WDP was sketchy at best, and just plain wrong in places.

    Fingers crossed that MS gets the balance right in the CP!
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    Been running WDP for months. The simple expectation come to my mind were just this WCP would be tamed and behave unlike WDP that persistently shook me with unpredictable shutdown behavior and random tiles address inconsistency that cost resetting it. And, leave the rest to MS.

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    I had a good experience with WDP, except 'cause of some minor annoyances related to software compatibility and Metro UI context menu that sometimes freezes the new big clock on the desktop.
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    Am I int the right place?
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    Remember, The metro interface is just on it's baby steps, but the main interface and mechanics are more advanced now than in Windows 7
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My six month reflection of Windows 8....
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